Diamond Friendship Necklaces You and Your Bestie Deserve | Live from COUTURE

Giftable diamond friendship necklaces that don’t break the bank.

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Tried and true friends—the ones you can call at any hour to celebrate a win (or commiserate a heartbreak), and who know all your most annoying habits but adore you anyway—are some of life’s most important allies. And, of course, they give their devotion without expecting anything more in return. But that makes surprising your BFF with a special surprise even sweeter. A diamond friendship necklace is a foolproof gift when you want to want to celebrate a forever friendship. Virtually indestructible and worn close to the heart, a diamond necklace will be a constant reminder of a relationship that can withstand anything. There’s no need to choose a blindingly big, over-the-top jewel. A small, sweet gesture is just as full of heartfelt meaning.

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There’s more than one way to tackle finding the just-right piece. Think of the signs and shapes—a heart or lock, even a lucky number—that have personal meaning or recall a moment that you’ve shared, and you’re on the right track. Setting meaningful symbols with a sprinkling of sparkling diamonds makes the memories they represent feel all the more precious. And necklaces with two pendants are practically made for sharing between fast friends. Or better still, treat your bestie and yourself to matching necklaces or with similar but different designs. Why shouldn’t best friends share everything?

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Pippo Perez

Heart and wing necklace in 18-karat yellow and white gold with white diamonds.


Ondyn does delicate and elegant the right way with the Small Zen Necklace, Small Spiralis Necklace and Delphina Necklace.


Crescent pendant with champagne diamonds and Neve pendant with white diamonds oxidized silver Liam 30 inch chain.

Penny Preville

Penny Preville 18 karat gold Diamond pavé padlock necklace and 18 karat gold Seven diamond charm necklace.

Buddha Mama

All Heart diamond necklace set with ruby frame on 20 karat gold chain.