Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Her

Dramatic gold and diamond jewelry to splurge on this holiday.

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Nikos Koulis

It’s been… a year. Which is why we strongly argue: when it comes to holiday gifts, go bold—really bold—or go home. Since you’ve already done way too much of the latter, get ready to seriously indulge that special someone who deserves nothing but the very best, yourself included, with the very best: gold and diamonds, obviously.

Just beware: our high-drama jewelry edit makes creating that “wow” moment a little too easy. We’ve rounded out the best pieces that range from under $1000 to super high-ticket. See for yourself.

The Top Necklace Gifts

Zodiac necklaces from David Webb featuring carved gold and studded diamond zodiac pendants

For the astro-obsessed…
David Webb: Zodiac Pendant Necklace


Loves her horoscope app? She’ll go crazy for this zodiac necklace that’s a modern and graphic take on the talisman necklace featuring carved gold and studded natural diamonds.

Mira Heart Charm necklace from Elie Top featuring a central diamond and gold heart necklace design

For the big-hearted…
Elie Top: Mira Heart Charm Necklace

If her heart couldn’t be bigger, treat her to the same—this time in the form of a modern, graphic gold heart outline with a striking diamond center. The best part: this diamond heart necklace is from Muse Showroom’s HAVE A HEART x MUSE collaboration that’s sale proceeds go to supporting the Broadway Cares/COVID Emergency Fund.

Feelings Collection Diamond Choker Necklace from Nikos Koulis featuring a gold band with a central diamond surrounded in black enamel

For the one with a dark side…
Nikos Koulis: Feelings Collection Diamond Choker Necklace

When her persona calls for something with a bit more mystique than gold and diamonds, throw some black onyx accents into the mix by way of this graphically brilliant diamond choker that completely ups any recipient’s necklace game. This one couldn’t be a more perfect layering piece.

Chi Chi layered gold necklace from Jessica McCormack featuring several round cut diamonds across 4 strands

For the one who goes with the flow…
Jessica McCormack: Chi Chi Necklace
Price Upon Request

These layers of undulating gold waves punctuated by diamonds are magnificent, yet still have a relaxed feel. Talk about a stunning topper, this gold layered necklace is perfect for a casual white tee—or evening gown alike.

The Top Earrings Gifts

Pyramid Diamond Stud Earrings from Harwell Godfrey featuring a geometric pyramid earring design with white diamonds set in black rhodium

For the modern muse…
Harwell Godfrey: Pyramid Diamond Stud Earrings

This is the diamond stud earring update she’s been craving. Angular and strong, these pyramid-shape earrings set diamonds in black rhodium for a new everyday power play.

Eminence Diamond Climber Earrings from Ondyn Fine Jewelry that feature bezel set diamonds cascading up and down the ear

For the seductress…
Ondyn Fine Jewelry: Eminence Earring

If you needed any proof that earrings can be sexy, well, hello! The perfect day or night statement, these diamond climber earrings feature a modern cascade of bezel-set diamonds that climbs to the middle of the ear, then sways like silk down the neck with its wearer every movement.

Allora Diamond Pin Earring from Kat Kim that features diamond studding and several marquise cut diamonds at the beginning and end of the gold pin

For the takes-no-bullsh*t girl…
Kat Kim:
Allora Ear Pin Earrings
From $5975

Total boldness. Total elegance. Totally rebellious. This pointy pin is not for the weak at heart and comes with a major dose of a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e in the form of a gold pin with diamond studding and several marquise cut diamonds at the beginning and end.

Aria Coil Earrings from Jemma Wynne that features chunky twisted gold hoop earrings design with spiraled diamond outlines

For the ultimate cool girl…
Jemma Wynne: Aria Coil Earring

Think: Sloane from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets real life Chloë Sevigny. These twisted gold hoop earrings present an edge that’s not off-putting and just the right amount of ‘80s twist. Perfect for the decadeless “it” girl.

Dias Brilliant Earrings from This is State Property that feature gold curved earrings outline with black enamel and two central round cut diamonds

Gifts for the hard to please…
THIS IS STATE PROPERTY: Dias Brilliant Earring

OK, there is actually nothing not to love about this pair of earrings. With a killer curve and touch of black enamel, these gold diamond earrings work for day or night and go with everything; they feel vintage yet modern, strong yet sensual and make a statement—only if and when you want them to.

Flame Earrings from Fernando Jorge that feature several pear shaped diamonds set in gold outlines

For the firecracker…
Fernando Jorge: Flames Earrings

Give your favorite feisty, energetic lady a taste of her own medicine—in the most brilliant way possible. Composed of a web of sculptural diamonds that seem to float in Calder sculpture-style, these flame earrings practically shoot glittering diamonds off of the ears, illuminating the entire face.

The Top Ring Gifts

Crystal Quartz Secret Diamond Initial Ring from Mateo that features modern crystal quartz stones with diamond halos and diamond letters

For the unforgettable one…
Mateo: Crystal Quartz Secret Diamond Initial Ring

Are you ready for the initial ring that blows all other initial rings out of the water? This modern crystal quartz initial ring is inlaid with diamonds that form your letter of choice, for a seemingly floating appearance.

Serti Inverse Diamond Ring from Repossi that features a central pear shaped diamond set in a yellow gold band

For the luxe minimalist…
REPOSSI: Serti Inverse Ring

Show that you understand her appreciation for quiet luxury. Captivating and sculptural, this diamond ring is simultaneously simple and dramatic—just like she is.

Sagesse Universum Gold Circle Ring from Almasika that features gold concentric circles and a central round diamond

Gifts for the traveler…
Almasika: Sagesse Universum Ring

If she’s been missing stamping that passport, fill the void with this elegant and sculptural piece. Composed of gold concentric circles and a stunning center diamond, this gold circle ring reminiscent of the vast world and universe.

DB Classic 5 Row Diamond Ring from DeBeers that features rows of pave diamonds set in white gold

For the stacking savant…
DeBeers: DB Classic 5 Row Ring

She likes to layer it on—so this holiday season, make her life that much easier. This graphic ring is composed of five undulating rows of spectacular diamonds that give any singular eternity band a run for its money.

SINE gold cocktail ring from VRAM that features a sculptural gold piece encased in pave diamonds

Gifts for the art lover…

The Top Bracelet Gifts

Ice Cube Pure Diamond Bangle bracelet from Chopard that features 18 karat yellow gold squares interspersed with diamonds

For the ice queen…
Chopard: Ice Cube Pure Bangle

Some like it… cold. Featuring modern, clean 18 karat yellow gold squares interspersed with diamonds, Chopard’s Ice Cube design is a covetable start or addition to any bracelet stack.

Made to Order Customizable Pave Diamond Code Lock Bracelet from James Banks that features a diamond encrusted lock with a leather wrap bracelet style

For the one whose heart you want to lock up…
James Banks: Code Leather Confetti Black Bracelet

If she stands out from all the rest, gift her with a pavé design like no other. Whimsical yet dramatic, this cuff includes a customizable lock that’s code can be your little secret together.