First Look: Boucheron’s New High Jewelry Collection

It’s a gender fluid, transformable, modern nod to Art Deco style.

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Noeud Diamants Ring

First Look is a new series which previews the most exciting and influential new diamond jewelry collections.

French jeweler Boucheron unveiled a stylishly innovative high jewelry collection in Paris this week that revives the spirit of Art Deco with a contemporary and creative vision. 

The culmination of Boucheron Creative Director Claire Choisne’s exploration of the duality of gender expressed in the Roaring Twenties, when women asserted their femininity with masculine clothing and short hair, the striking diamond jewelry focuses on pure lines and the contrast of black, white and touches of color. 

Known for pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible in jewelry, Choisne has pioneered a new level of transformability: a long necklace, for instance, can be taken apart and worn as earrings, a brooch or choker.

“High jewelry is about style,” says Choisne, who unveils two high jewelry collections (the ultimate jewelry art form) per year, each with a limited number of designs. “Women and men want the freedom to wear jewelry however they choose—not just one way.”

The collection is gender fluid, something that Choisne believes is increasingly important. She reminded us of the early Art Deco period a century ago, when some of Boucheron’s best clients were men (Indian Maharajahs). She says that today, Asian men are among those wearing big diamond jewelry, a look that comes across as “cool and fresh.” 

Thoroughly modern and relevant, Boucheron’s new jewelry collection is sure to entice both men and women.

Top Left: Noeud Diamants Brooch, Bottom Left: Noeud Diamants Ring Solitaire Version, Right: Noeud Diamants Ring

The Diamond Bowtie

The Diamond Bowtie was inspired by a 1925 bowtie pin from Boucheron’s rich archives. It features a solitaire diamond ring with a removable diamond and black lacquer bow jacket that can also be worn as a masculine bow tie or pinned in the hair. 

Lavalliere Diamant Necklace
Lavalliere Diamant Earrings

Diamond Necktie

This diamond, onyx, black lacquer and white gold Lavalliere resembles the Roaring Twenties flapper style. The choker features black lacquer removable rings with a fringe-effect, which can be worn as a brooch or paired with another pendant as a set of earrings. 

Left: Liser Diamants Ring, Top Right: LavalliŠre Diamants Ring

Liseré Ring and Lavalliere Ring

These rings express the striking contrast of masculine and feminine with black lacquer borders surrounding exceptional diamonds that deliver sparkle and light. A sleek black line defines the 5.27 carat pear-shaped diamond ring in a definition of modern simplicity. 

Chevron Emeraude Necklace

The Emerald Chevron 

This diamond necklace is remarkably smooth and flexible, plus it’s adjustable in length. On a man or woman, the diamond rope with a 61.35 carat Zambian emerald drop is a true statement piece.