Friendship Bracelet Gift Ideas For BFFs That Love Diamonds

Grab your BFF and get your diamonds on with these friendship bracelet gift ideas.

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Chopard Happy Diamond Bracelets Friendship Bracelet Gifts Ideas

Friends: the providers of endless laughter, joy, support, honesty and trust; the people who help you become the best version of yourself. Which is why—whether in the form of colorful string, a half-heart charm or a series of sparkly beads haphazardly strung together—the friendship bracelet proves an incredibly empowering and meaningful piece of jewelry, and there are friendship bracelet gifts ideas everywhere if you know where to look.

Turns out, the friendship bracelet is a centuries-old genre of emotional jewelry with origins that can be traced to the four corners of the globe. During the period of 481 to 221 B.C., the friendship bracelet existed in China in the form of individual macrame knots. Over in 13th century Arabia, it took shape by way of embroidery and looming techniques. Also in ancient Native American tradition, bracelets were handmade with their future owner in mind, then tied around the wrist with a wish instilled for each knot; said wishes were believed to come true once the bracelet naturally fell off. 

Despite their poignant symbolism and history, friendship bracelets are all too often abandoned after childhood. But if you’ve had a friendship that’s lasted from childhood into adulthood, or a more recent friendship which has become integral in your life, it really does deserve a special commemorative piece. And for the strongest of bonds that allows you to sparkle, what could be more perfect than diamonds? After all, diamonds are unique and not easily found. Their strength and everlasting nature perfectly represents the promise between you and your closest friends.

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Now’s the time to upgrade that braided homemade bracelet into something more concrete—and glamorous. Besides,  “diamonds are forever” is a phrase which easily applies to our closest and dearest friendship. 

Thankfully, fine jewelry brands today that are celebrated for their work in diamonds are creating delicate yet everlasting bracelets perfect for the occasion. So go on, grab your BFF and pick a mutual favorite: 

Chopard Happy Hearts Diamond Bracelets

Chopard Happy Diamond Bracelets friendship bracelet gift ideas
Chopard Happy Hearts Golden Heart Bangle
Chopard Happy Diamond Bracelets friendship bracelet gift ideas
Chopard Happy Hearts Golden Heart Bangle with Diamonds

The House of Chopard, with its endless personal and professional celebrity following, has hundreds of designs that have been celebrated for decades, including the beloved Happy Hearts Diamond Bracelet. Supremely chic and unquestionably stylish, this bracelet is a piece that truly represents happiness. Ever since its onset in the Chopard workshops in 1976, this piece overflows with Joie de Vivre. The free-spirited nature of the floating diamonds found on this bracelet are the perfect metaphor for friendship: two independent souls moving freely through life, that touch and support each other.

Generosity and kindness have always been core values at Chopard and buying such a piece, with so much meaning packed into it is a beautiful way of honoring your most important friendships. 

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Messika Move Bracelet

 Messika gold diamonds Friendship Bracelet Gifts Ideas
Messika Move Bracelet
 Messika gold diamonds Friendship Bracelet Gifts Ideas
Messika Move Noa Pavé Bracelet

Gigi, Bella, Beyonce… Celebrities from all professions sport this modern Italian diamond brand. From tennis stars, models, actors, musicians, they have all found meaning in wearing Messika pieces, specifically the brand’s Move bracelets, which were created to accompany women in their everyday lives. Playful and uninhibited, these diamond bracelets feel friendship bracelet-worthy; their gems find a way of moving in their own way, whilst staying close to one another. No two are alike, and yet together they stand more radiant and sparkling than ever. What better way to represent the uniqueness of modern friendships and are one of the chicest friendship bracelet gift ideas around.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Bracelets

Tiffany & Co. T Bracelet Friendship Bracelet Gifts Ideas
Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Diamond Bracelets

Likely among the first fine jewelry brands you were ever gifted, Tiffany & Co. needs no introduction. From its kidney bean necklaces to charm bracelets, every girl at some point wants to find that distinctive blue box waiting to mark a special occasion. The reason for its constant presence on wish lists around the world is its ability to pack emotion and memories into simplistic and refined designs that are appropriate for every occasion. Enter the Tiffany T bracelet: Marked by a sleek T motif, a signature House code, the bracelet is a subtle everyday reminder of those early-year memories, the ones that defined our style today. Friends who wear Tiffany T bracelets find they are a marvelous way of winking at your past. 

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Diamond Bracelets Collection Friendship Bracelet Gifts Ideas
Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Diamond Bracelets Collection

It’s amazing how a piece of jewelry can heighten an already strong bond, while celebrating connection, love and everlasting devotion.