New Sustainable Diamond Jewelry Inspired by… Sustainability

DeBeers’ Reflections of Nature High Jewelry Collection is a true must-see.

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Images Courtesy of DeBeers


For some time, sustainability has been the buzzword du jour in the natural diamond and jewelry worlds. And it can be argued that no brand is taking the concept more to heart than DeBeers.

In addition to initiatives like the conservation of 200,000 acres of natural resources, habitats and wildlife in southern Africa, DeBeers has just unveiled its Reflections of Nature High Jewelry Collection, which, in a quite meta move, incorporates sustainably sourced natural diamonds in dazzling designs inspired by breathtaking remote landscapes that rely on—you guessed it—sustainability to thrive.

The collection includes thirty nine pieces amongst five sets, each of which was created to reflect the beauty of a different location.

Animal Instincts: The DeBeers Okavango Grace Set

Developed with Africa’s Okavango Delta in mind, the Okavango Grace set translates the site’s flow of water and high concentration of wildlife into designs featuring a contrast of rough colored diamonds ranging from pink to green to purple to grey, and white brilliant round diamonds.

Among the set’s star pieces is a 5.44 carat ring featuring a center 1.01 carat fancy dark greyish green diamond surrounded by round brilliant white diamonds, edged in 12 bezel-set green and pink rough diamonds; the total effect is meant to mimic the Delta’s lush, verdancy and shimmering water.

Canyon Colors: The DeBeers Motlaste Marvel Set

South Africa’s Motlatse Canyon, with its subtropical flora, soaring peaks and cavernous depths played muse for the Motlaste Marvel Set. Including natural diamonds in both warm and cool tones, an homage to the depths of the sunrises and sunsets there, channel set baguettes are juxtaposed with more curvy cushion, pear and round brilliant cuts.

Perhaps this set’s most memorable piece is the 26.98 carat bracelet, featuring 158 diamonds in a spectrum of fancy colors and cuts.

Desert Glow: The DeBeers Namid Wonder Set

Picture a rippled desert with endless dunes in the glow of an intensely hot day. Turns out that the scene comes right from western Namibia, and inspired the Namid Wonder set. Here, round brilliant pavé diamonds capture the sense of sand while yellow diamonds represent the region’s glaring sunshine.

Look for the set’s fringe-effect climber and drop earrings to experience the setting’s undeniable magic.

Under the Sea: The DeBeers Landers Radiance Set

Lander’s Reef is known as South Africa’s underwater wonderland, filled with a rainbow of coral and tropical fish. The Landers Radiance set it inspires mixes rough vibrant diamonds with fluid round brilliant and fancy colored diamonds using meticulous setting techniques, which take up to six hours per stone to perfect.

The set’s bangle proves especially appealing, with its channel set round brilliant white and yellow diamonds from which rough yellow diamonds freely suspend.  

Ice, Ice Baby: The DeBeers Ellesmere Treasure Set

Glacial glamour takes the spotlight in the Ellesmere Treasure set, a translation of pristine and pure Arctic wilderness. Here, delicate and symmetrical designs come by way of marquise, cushion and round brilliant diamonds, each hand-selected for their unfathomable clarity.

Representative of the landscape’s frosty flora, the set’s necklace adorned with 932 (!!!) natural diamonds feels simultaneously historical and timeless.