Screen-I is a portable diamond verification instrument for loose and mounted diamonds designed to separate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds. Screen-I is manually operated but gives an automatic test result.

Stone Testing Capability

Weight: 0.01 ct-12 ct
Colour: D-J
Shape: All
Diamond Simulants: No
Mounted Stones: Yes (open back designs, not yet ASSURE Tested)

Instrument Performance

The below results demonstrate the performance of the Screen-I with the ASSURE Core Sample:

Diamond False Positive Rate (optimal rate 0%): 0%
Diamond Referral Rate (optimal rate 0%): 10.5%
Diamond Accuracy Rate (optimal rate 100%): 89.5%
Speed (stones tested per hour): 283

The ASSURE Core Sample consists of 1,000 loose diamonds, 200 loose synthetic diamonds and 200 loose diamond simulants. The stones are 0.02ct to 0.20ct in D-J colour.

Instrument Capabilities

Automated feed: No
Automated results: No
Automated dispense: No
Detect or Refer (synthetic diamonds) Detect
Detect or Refer (diamond simulants) N/A
Multiple stones at once: Yes
Training required: Yes

Screen-I automatically displays one of the following results:

  1. Diamond

‘CVD/HPHT’ result could contain synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds, and these have been classified as ‘referrals’. These referrals should be tested by a gemmological laboratory for full verification.

Instrument Specifications

Size: 12.6 cm (L) x 7.6 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H)
Weight: 0.174 kg
Price: 549 USD (October 2019)

Contact information
+66 (0) 2 899 2956-7

ASSURE Tested May 2019
ASSURE ID: 55303