A Champagne Reception in Palm Beach with Hamilton Jewelers and Only Natural Diamonds

An exclusive event to celebrate the launch of DIAMONDS

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To celebrate the launch of Diamonds: Diamond Stories the Natural Diamond Council, Hamilton Jewelers and Assouline hosted an exclusive event at the famous Royal Poinciana in Palm Beach. Partygoers donned their finest festive ensembles and gathered for champagne, gelato and—of course—diamonds in honor of the glittering coffee table book.

Guests were spotted flipping through pages as they sparkled in Hamilton jewels, ready to ring in the holiday season. “We were so honored to host these jewelry lovers Royal Poinciana in Palm Beach and give them a glimpse inside the world of diamonds through our book, Diamonds: Diamond Stories,” says a spokesperson for the NDC.

Diamonds – a best seller and perfect Holiday gift
Hank Siegel, Denny Siegel
Inger Anderson, Bettina Anderson
Beautiful models adorned in Hamilton natural diamonds
Anne Russell, Stephanie Hill
Ivey Leidy, Bettina Anderson, Kristin Angst
Hollis Pica, Stacey Leuliette
Terry Duffy, Gabrielle Grazi, Lauren Duffy, Andrew Siegel
Camille Russo, Julie Giuliani
Ellen Strauss, Jeffrey Strauss
Nathan Frank, Hollis Pica, Stacey Leuliette, Kent Anderson, Samantha Cerny, Krystian Von Speidel
Heather Barone, Matt Cohen
Richard Reshetar, Diane Reshetar
Stacey Einhorn, Tanya Blake, Gregoire Vogelsang
Bettina Anderson