Celebrity Diamond Jewelry Spotlight: Lil Nas X

The singer always adds a bit of ice to his looks.

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There are so many reasons we love Montero Lamar Hill, AKA Lil Nas X: His outspoken nature, his incredible fashion sense, his pride in who he is and, of course, his diamond jewelry style. Speaking of, the rapper’s diamond collection is expansive and he shows it off every chance he gets. From concerts to the red carpet, the musician always finds ways to frost himself.

Like his fashion sense, Lil Nas’s jewelry collection is bold and unexpected. He loves to mix and match his earrings, has walked many-a-red-carpets wearing a full set of diamond grills and let’s not forget the diamond manicure he got for his birthday.

Lately, he’s been sporting butterfly motifs in honor of his debut album Montero and we particularly love the large and intricate butterfly pendant he wore on an iced-out chain last October. He wears his favorite pieces on repeat, proof that he truly loves the pieces he invests in and wears them well.


Ahead, take a look at our favorite diamond moments from the country boy-turned-hip hop sensation.

Diamond Manicure


For his birthday this year, Lil Nas celebrated with a $30K diamond manicure, as one does. “When broken down with his carat count per nail, it averaged to $3,000 per finger,” designer David Tamargo of Alligator Jesus told POPSUGAR. Using 3D scanning and sculpting to provide an “absolutely astounding perfect fit,” the diamond manicure set took his team about one to two weeks to put together. The grills are a newer set, featuring opal teeth with a pavé diamond halo.

Diamond Crystal Necklace


Lil Nas’s custom Diamond accent Rock Quartz centerpiece necklace from Mckenzie Liautaud’s Summer collection brings on good vibes and a touch of sparkle. Of the piece, Liautaud, a member of our Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative says, “Crystals and diamonds are both magical and hold phenomenal power. The Power Crystal 1 point diamond necklace is inspired by my belief that you can manifest your heart’s deepest desires by programming your crystal through meditation. Wear it and focus on your intentions to connect with positive energy in mind, body & spirit.”

Butterflies & Diamonds

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Lil Nas X worked with his favorite jeweler, Alligator Jesus, to create these custom butterfly pieces, a running motif throughout his ‘Montero’ era. “Butterflies are not only beautiful, but have mystery, symbolism and meaning and are a metaphor representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, life, new beginnings, resilience, endurance,” says Nas’s stylist Hodo Musa in an Instagram post of the pendant. “The butterfly encourages you to flow through your transformation with confidence beauty and freedom.” We’re sure we’ll see him repeat the style at the Grammys this year where he’s nominated in multiple categories.

Iced Out In White

lil nas x diamond jewelry style

As he accepted the Variety Innovator of the Year award in December, Nas wore his signature diamond grills plus a diamond pavé triangle-shaped stud, a chunky blinged-out chain, plus some statement signet rings covered in diamonds.

Diamond Pinky Ring

lil nas x diamond jewelry style

We can’t resist a man in a pinky ring and Lil Nas is no exception!