15 Unusual Engagement Rings For the Statement-Making Bride-To-Be

Non-traditional engagement rings perfect for the non-traditional bride!

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When searching for the perfect natural diamond engagement ring, you might describe your dream ring as unique, timeless, classic or even vintage. But have you ever considered an unusual diamond engagement ring? With this collection of styles as unique as the rare natural diamonds featured in the rings, ‘unusual’ might end up at the top of your wish list.

We’re talking unique cuts, negative space accents, sharp edges, hidden diamond details, multi-stone styles and more. With one of these engagement rings, you’ll be able to stand out from the solitaires, Tiffany settings and even the classic toi-et-moi styles that were once considered out of the box. These days, when it comes to unusual engagement ring styles, anything goes.

Finding an engagement ring style that suits your personality is a vital part of the process. Whether that personality fit is a classic style or something a little more unusual, there’s a perfect ring for everyone. However, the search can take a bit longer when it comes to unusual engagement ring styles. Get started on the process with some inspiration below from some of our favorite designers creating unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

Wrapped Up

Future Fortune

When you’ve got your partner wrapped around your finger, this unusual engagement ring style is the perfect symbol of your love. For a traditional wrap look, this ring from Future Fortune starts with a sprinkling of smaller diamonds and wraps around in a yellow gold spiral, finishing off with a pear-shaped diamond.


For something with a little more bling, This ring from Milamore is covered in round diamonds and finishes off with a marquise-shaped diamond. Tabayer also designs gorgeous spiral and wrap-style rings, with a natural diamond sitting at the tip of the spiral.

Unique Center Stone

Serpentine Jewels

While at first glance the ring itself may look traditional, when you get a closer look you’ll see the center stone isn’t your average diamond—this ring by Serpentine Jewels features an elongated step-cut hexagon diamond in the center flanked by two smaller hex-cuts and two baguette cut diamonds.

Greenwich St. Jewelers
Nikos Koulis

Unique cuts are certainly a conversation starter, including this Nikos Koulis trapezoid portrait-cut diamond ring, but unusual-colored diamonds are another way to stand out from the crowd. This hex-cut salt and pepper diamond ring from Greenwich St. Jewelers isn’t the type of diamond you’d see every day!

Negative Space Details

Jade Ruzzo
SHAY Jewelry

Create an optical illusion with your engagement ring with negative space details, like this ring from Jade Ruzzo or this floating diamond-style ring from SHAY available in multiple diamond cuts, from emerald to princess and more.

State Property
Serpentine Jewels

Play with negative space in a diamond halo, like State Property’s Ascella diamond ring and Serpentine Jewels’ yellow and white pear-shaped toi-et-moi diamond ring, both featuring diamond halos that are far from traditional.

Diamond Dots


For something a little more subtle but still unconventional, why not swap out the traditional center stone for multiple smaller diamonds, like the “Yarí” Whirl Ring from ITA or this floating diamond ring from Milamore.

Not-Your-Average Setting

Akaila Reid

While typical Gypsy settings are more common today than ever before—a setting style that involves sinking the stone into the metal so it is almost flush with the top of the metal surface—these gypsy set rings, like Akaila Reid’s Ridge Edge solitaire ring, are totally unique.


This jagged-edged live bezel set ring from Azlee follows the shape of the five hex-cut diamonds set on a gold band. Retrouvai’s latest stunner, the Diamond Loop Ring, uses a rope-style wrap to create a tied-off look around the pear-shaped yellow diamond in the center.