15 Wonderfully Whimsical Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

For the nature girly who wants something truly unique.

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Made by Mother Nature herself, it doesn’t get more earthy than a natural diamond engagement ring. But, if you want to take it a step further, engagement rings with delicate filigree detailing, floral motifs and even vine-like bands dotted with diamonds are on-trend, proof that nature-inspired engagement ring designs are hotter than ever.

Whether you’re a boho bride-to-be, looking for something with an antique edge, or interested in wearing a flower on your ring finger, nature-inspired details have serious range and all offer something special and unique.

Finding the perfect nature-inspired engagement ring for you at your typical jewelry store might be challenging, but plenty of designers are creating rings that feature whimsical details that will make you feel like a woodland fairy fiancé. Ahead, find nature-inspired engagement rings for every type of bride-to-be.

De Beers Adonis Rose Ring

Courtesy of DeBeers

This stylish ring is inspired by “leaves entwined around a long-stemmed rose,” evident in the twisted band surrounding the round center stone.

From $9,800, debeers.com

Catbird Paeonia
Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Catbird

A blooming rose surrounds a gorgeous rose-cut natural diamond in this romantic ring.

$2,890, catbirdnyc.com

Ruth Tomlinson
Diamond Ring
with Filigree Detail

Courtesy of Ruth Tomlinson

Filigree is a form of intricate metalwork to form designs by shaping delicate metal pieces into designs. These designs are often found on vintage rings but are also used in modern designs to achieve a vintage look. Here in this ring, the filigree detail is reminiscent of leaves on a vine.

£2250, ruthtomlinson.com

Tiffany Diamond Vine Bypass Ring

Courtesy of Tiffany and Co

A unique design for an engagement ring, this Tiffany & Co ring is perfect for the whimsical bride-to-be who loves immersing themselves in nature.

$22,300, tiffany.com

Sophie Bille Brahe
Ensemble de Fleurs Ring

Courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe

Petite round diamonds form a floral design in this gold ring.

$8,500, modaoperandi.com

Harry Winston
Forget-Me-Not Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston

6 pear-shaped natural diamonds come together around a small round diamond at the center to form a beautiful flower shape in this floral diamond engagement ring.

$15,700, harrywinston.com

Mimi So Wonderland
Twig Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Mimi So

The etching and detailing in the band makes this ring look just like a whimsical forest twig, with a gorgeous marquise natural diamond sitting in the center.

$tk, mimiso.com

Chanel Bouton de
Camelia Ring

Courtesy of Chanel

Chanel’s iconic Camelia motif makes for a beautiful nature-inspired engagement ring.

$6,550, chanel.com

Anita Ko Leaf Ring

Courtesy of DeBeers

This ring features a delicate diamond leaf that perfectly wraps around the wearer’s finger.

$6,975, anitako.com

The Moonstoned
Gold Rush Ring

Courtesy of DeBeers

A unique design featuring gold nuggets circa 1870 dotted with vintage Old Mine cut natural diamonds. Both the nuggets and the diamonds have a centuries-old history, directly connected to the Earth.

$5,280, themoonstoned.com

Graff Wildflower
Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Graff

Rendered by hand, this ring features “layers of diamonds blossoming in silhouette.”

$7,600, graff.com

Brent Neale Petal Ring
with Diamond Pear

Courtesy of Brent Neale

Pear-shaped diamond set in gold form a flower in this nature-inspired engagement ring.

Price upon request, brentneale.com

Van Cleef and Arpels
Socrate Ring

Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels iconic Socrate motif is “a symbol of freshness and lightness,” with a delicate flower formed with natural white diamonds.

$6,700, vancleefarpels.com

Mociun Palm Ring

Courtesy of Mociun

Inspired by Matisse’s Palm cutouts representing internal metamorphosis, this ring features pear-shaped rose-cut natural diamonds in each of the palms.

$6,700, mociun.com

Irene Neuwirth
Super Bloom Flower Ring

Courtesy of Irene Neuwirth

A cluster of round brilliant diamonds sits in the center of a blooming gold flower.

$7,110 ireneneuwirth.com