This National Proposal Day, The Women Are In Charge

Toss tradition and plan your own proposal!

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Happy National Proposal Day to all the lovers out there who are patiently waiting for their partners to get it together and pop the question. For some, the wait could be over. According to a study from Chilisauce, presented by Zales, 76% of guys would love it if their girlfriend did the proposing instead.

That’s right, tossing tradition is in and gender norms are out. In a survey of over 10,000 people, Chilisauce found that not only are men receptive to women getting down on one knee, but also that 57% of women would be willing to propose. Now don’t worry ladies: if you’re the one asking the big question, your man will still provide the diamond. 72% of men feel they should buy the ring, even if she proposes, but 41% say they also expect a ring of their own. Given all the gorgeous jewelry out there for men these days, she’ll have no problem finding something perfect for him and his style.

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Chilisauce’s survey also found that 16% of women did the actual proposing in 2020, a major improvement compared to the 5% of women in 2010. The most popular day for women to propose? Leap Day, if you’re lucky enough to time your engagement with a leap year.

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Take Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan of Bling Empire fame. After having two kids together, Cherie knew she was ready to be engaged and get married. Jessey wasn’t sure if he was ready to make the jump, so Cherie took matters into her own hands and planned an elaborate proposal and popped the question. Of course, Jessey said yes, and the couple tied the knot in September 2021.

If that isn’t proof enough, let’s look to one of our favorite fictional couples, Monica and Chandler from Friends. Chandler bungled his own plans to propose—men, take note: Never tell your girlfriend you don’t see marriage in your future to try and throw her off the proposal scent, it will backfire. In this case, Monica did the proposing herself.

Both Monica and Cherie ended up with gorgeous diamond engagement rings, so we’d say a female proposal worked out for everyone in the end.

To get into the spirit of the holiday, Zales is kicking off their #SheProposed campaign on March 20th, by flipping their logo upside-down throughout their digital advertisements, website and social pages, to visually promote shaking up traditional engagement norms. Talk about flipping the script! They are also encouraging consumers to post messages of love and support with the hashtag #SheProposed starting on National Proposal Day—March 20th—to help highlight the swell of support. 

“At Zales, we’re seeing the trend of couples shopping together for their engagement rings evolve into women taking the lead and proposing to their partner. It is a natural evolution and Zales is here to support and empower her,” says Jamie Singleton, Signet Chief Marketing Officer and President of Zales, Kay and Peoples.

You heard it here first! If you’re ready to take your future into your own hands, plan that proposal, buy a ring and get down on one knee, no matter your gender.