15 Dazzling Multi-Stone and 3-Stone Engagement Rings

More natural diamonds, more fun.

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There are so many different ways to love a multi-stone engagement ring. There’s the classic 3-stone setting, famously worn by the likes of Grace Kelly and Jennifer Lopez, or the toi-et-moi ring, popularized by trendsetters like Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski. And then there are the even more out-of-the-box styles featuring multiple diamonds, like Zooey Deschanel’s floral-inspired engagement ring. The options are truly endless when looking for multi-stone engagement ring inspiration. “I love pairing a more traditional-shaped diamond with some unusually shaped side diamonds, like kites or lozenges,” says Azlee designer Baylee A. Zwart. “The combinations are endless and can be really special and meaningful depending on what the pairing represents to the couple.”

Plenty of engagement ring designers will work with you to create a custom ring featuring as many diamonds as you’d like, in any shape or arrangement that calls your name, but it can be hard to know where to start. “So much depends on the brilliance of the stones being used and how they can complement one another without detracting from either’s glow,” says Corina Madilian of Single Stone. “For example, an Emerald cut diamond may lend itself to be set alongside baguette cut diamonds while a rose cut may look best with French or European cut diamonds.”

“I think the strategic pairing of two or more stones together can be one of the most beautiful concepts done in jewelry,” muses Zwart. “It can have a transformative effect and bring an entirely new personality to the stones and the project.”

Ahead, get some inspiration from some of the best designers out there creating unique, 3, 4, 5, and even 6-stone engagement rings.

WWAKE One of A Kind
Diamond Mosaic Ring

Courtesy of WWake

“A whole greater than the sum of its parts,” perfectly sums up this unique ring from WWAKE, featuring 10 natural diamonds in a variety of shapes set into 2 rows on a 14k yellow gold band.

Anna Sheffield
Marquise Bea Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

This not-so-traditional 3-stone ring features a rose-cut champagne diamond center stone flanked by trillion-cut natural diamond site stones, set on a rose gold band.

Sophie Bille Brahe
Plateau Diamant Ring

Courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe

Round natural diamonds wrap and spiral around the wearer’s finger to form an abstract flower in this modern ring, handcrafted from 18K gold.

Ashley Zhang
Isolde Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

An emerald cut diamond set East-West is beautifully accented with a trillion cut diamond on each side of this unique engagement ring.

Jemma Wynne

Radiant Canary and
Diamond Pear Open Ring

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

When going for a ring with multiple stones, mixing in different colored natural diamonds is a fun way to add depth and an element of surprise to your look.

Kwiat Vintage Style
Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kwiat

Inspired by diamonds of the past, this multi-stone ring features a rose-cut oval diamond at the center surrounded by round brilliant diamonds.

Azlee Aspida
Staircase Ring

“Adventurous with intention,” is how Azlee’s designer Baylee Zwart describes the bride she designs for, and it’s evident in Azlee’s signature Staircase motif diamond ring. Front and center in this stunning ring is a shield-cut natural diamond with two kite-shaped diamonds on each side, set on a thick 19k yellow gold band.

G. St Ceremony
Grand 3-Stone
Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Greenwich St. Jewelers

An instant classic, this engagement ring features an emerald-cut natural diamond center stone flanked by two trapezoid cut diamonds.

Art Deco Bombé Ring

Courtesy of Erstwhile

Another wonderful option for something vintage, Erstwhile’s engagement rings are hand-selected by experts who search the world for unique and charming pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras.

Marina B Triangoli
Freccia Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Net a Porter

Angular shapes and sharp edges define this multi-stone ring, featuring different-sized trillion cuts, with the two largest mimicking an arrow design.

Single Stone
Katya Ring

Courtesy of Single Stone

“We want our pieces to feel epic, and nostalgic of the period they are meant to represent and not just lean on what is currently popular,” says Single Stone designer Corina Madilian. This 3-stone ring from Single Stone prominently features a hexagonal step-cut natural diamond at the center with trapezoid cut accent diamonds, bezel-set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting.

De Beers Adonis Rose Cluster Ring

Courtesy of De Beers

This nature-inspired engagement ring resembles “bloomed entwined in a floral bouquet” featuring round brilliant and marquise-shaped natural diamonds within prong, bezel, and micropavé settings.

Fred Leighton
Art Deco 3-Stone Ring

Courtesy of Fred Leighton

If you’re looking to go vintage, Fred Leighton has many options, including this Old European Cut 3-stone ring by Tiffany & Co.

Mociun Capella Ring

Courtesy of Mociun

Known for their out-of-the-box creations, this natural diamond ring lives up to the brand’s reputation, featuring 6 natural diamonds: A large round brilliant center stone and 5 old European cut natural diamonds.

Diamonds Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Mejuri

A tried-and-true brand for fashion jewelry, Mejuri’s fine jewelry expertly balances being on-trend and timeless, and this natural diamond cluster ring is the perfect example.

SHAY Jewelry
Diamond Triple
Threat Ring

Courtesy of SHAY

Three’s company in this major natural diamond ring featuring a pear-shaped diamond, emerald-cut diamond, and a heart-shaped diamond.