Kwiat Unveils a New Traceable Approach to Diamond Shopping

Follow your natural diamond from origin to engagement ring with Mine to Shine.

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Kwiat, the renowned diamond jewelry house, is taking a groundbreaking leap forward in diamond provenance and traceability. With the introduction of ‘Mine to Shine,’ Kwiat presents a transformative way to purchase a natural diamond engagement ring with guaranteed origin. This innovative approach ensures exceptional quality, complete transparency, and a more meaningful buying experience by meticulously documenting and verifying the origin and journey of each diamond from its source to your finger. 

Mine to Shine marks a significant milestone as one of the first retail offerings that allow customers to trace the journey of a singular rough diamond, from its ethically mined origins to the exquisite final creation of a one-of-a-kind ring. Greg Kwiat, the company’s CEO, expressed the vision behind this revolutionary concept:

“Mine to Shine marries the exceptional quality of our diamonds with the transparency of the diamond’s journey from its origin to a finished ring. Customers want clarity and honesty about the origins of diamonds and their impact on the world. Natural diamonds sourced from reputable locales, such as Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa, have a tremendous positive impact on local communities and citizens. We expect that in the years to come; other brands will follow our lead and adopt a more transparent and engaging approach.”

With a rich legacy and a commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Kwiat has solidified its position as a reputable jewelry brand since its founding by Sam Kwiat in 1907. Today, the company remains family-owned and has forged strong relationships across all supply chain layers in its over 100 years of history. Through this, Kwiat can meticulously record the provenance of each diamond, ensuring complete traceability. From cutting and polishing to crafting the setting and mounting the diamond, Kwiat maintains control and tracks every step of the process for the consumer to see.

By ethically sourcing diamonds from locations such as Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa, Kwiat and others have been actively supporting the economies of mining regions, bringing tangible benefits to local communities, including improved access to education and healthcare resources. While this is true for the majority of natural diamonds, with Mine to Shine, Kwiat can now prove those benefits. The natural diamond’s provenance becomes a point of pride, assuring the impeccable origins of each natural diamond and that its purchase made a positive impact. 

Kwiat has also committed to making a positive impact beyond the natural diamond industry, pledging to donate a portion of each Mine to Shine purchase to the nonprofit organization charity: water. Through this partnership, Kwiat contributes to providing clean drinking water to families in need, championing a cause that aligns with their values of social responsibility.

Included in the release of Mine to Shine is the debut of Kwiat Tiara Diamonds, a collection that showcases iconic diamond shapes perfected by Kwiat. Each diamond is beautifully cut and consistently exhibits optimal brilliance, fire, and scintillation. To signify its special cut, traceability, and responsibility, the Kwiat Tiara logo is laser-inscribed on every Kwiat Tiara diamond. The collection includes the Kwiat Round™, Kwiat Emerald Cut™, Kwiat Cushion™, Kwiat Radiant™, Kwiat Oval™, ASHOKA®, and Fred Leighton Round®.

These exceptional and traceable diamonds can be purchased at Kwiat stores in New York City and Las Vegas, authorized Kwiat retailers nationwide, or through Kwiat’s official website,

As Mine to Shine sets new benchmarks for transparency in the diamond industry, Kwiat is among the leading companies, pioneering a movement that celebrates the beauty of natural diamonds, ensures their positive impact, and shares their incredible journey. With their commitment to responsible luxury, Kwiat invites customers to embark on a journey that not only culminates in a remarkable natural diamond engagement ring but also supports the betterment of mining communities and brings clean drinking water to those in need.