Celebrity Nail Artists Share Tips for the Perfect Bridal Manicure

Learn how to perfect the finishing touch to showing off your diamond engagement ring.

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Engagement season, also known as the most dazzling time of the year, is upon us. Star-studded couples, like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, and many more, announced they’re tying the knot. And chances are, the big day is on the horizon for you, too. You’ve likely dreamed of the important details leading up to this grand moment for a long time. Because every little thing matters: The beautiful words shared between you and your partner, the setting, the photos, the diamond ring, and of course the gorgeous bridal manicure to complement your new shiny accessory.

With love in the air, your picture-perfect paint job must be up to par so that your nails look stunning next to your new diamond engagement ring. Case in point: that infamous hand-in-the-air photo flaunting your rock would not be complete without a fresh manicure. If you’re wondering which colors, designs, and nail shapes to try, we tapped top celebrity manicurists to share their go-to shades and tried-and-true tips they swear by for the big day.

Celebrity Manicurist Best Bridal Manicure Tips & Tricks

Celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, who counts Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeney, and Sabrina Carpenter as her clients, is the artist behind Bieber’s viral chrome nails taking over an Instagram or TikTok feed near you. “The glazed donut nails were inspired by Bieber’s YSL white satin dress and we wanted something chic that would match her look,” says Ganzorigt of the creation. “We used one coat of ‘Funny Bunny’ by OPI and topped it with Tin Man Can chrome powder by OPI to achieve the look.” If you’re feeling experimental for your engagement or wedding, Ganzorigt recommends going the glazed donut route. “The design is minimalist, elegant, and catches your eyes from a mile away,” she says. “When we were doing these glazed donut nails for the 2022 Met Gala, I thought they be perfect for a wedding.” Nothing is more perfectly on trend than chrome nails.

normani bridal manicure ideas
Normani. Nail Credit: Yvette Garcia
hailey bieber  bridal manicure ideas
Hailey Bieber. Nail Credit: Zola Ganzorigt,

But if you’d rather keep it simple, Ganzorigt suggests looking for nail colors in the nude, off white, or sheer pink family with a little bit of shimmer for a chic, timeless look. As for the shape for your bridal manicure? “I’d recommend a medium oval length shape to make the hands look feminine and help the fingers look longer,” she suggests. Looking for a non-traditional nail design for the big day? Ganzorigt suggests coordinating your nails to match your venue’s color theme. Celebrity manicurist, Jenny Bui is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Bling” with clients like Cardi B. and Mary J. Blige, agrees with the idea of creating your own color story. “Nail designs that match the wedding dress or wedding decor would be a really cool detail,” she says. Case in point: Don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from the beauty around you.

If a more minimalistic design is your vibe for your bridal manicure, you can never go wrong with a classic French tip. “I recommend any white color paired with neutral tones,” Bui says. “But of course, you need to add some bling.” Kait Mosh, a celebrity manicurist with an impressive client roster, which includes everyone from Andra Day, Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth and Lena Dunham, suggests spicing up a classic French manicure with color. “A red or black French tip could be gorgeous,” she says. “Or hand-painted flowers to match the bridal bouquet.” But should you want a more subtle, elegant shade Mosh suggests choosing a color that is most similar to your natural makeup blush color. “A neutral sheer with the right amount of color to complement your skin tone will enhance natural features and not distract from any pictures or the rings,” she explains.

In addition to the actual nail design, hand and nail maintenance is key. “Always lotion your hands and oil your cuticles,” Bui advises. “Apply cuticle oil every day leading up to your wedding so you can prevent your nails from breaking or having hang nails,” she says. Mosh, also believes in the power of preparation to keep your nails in tip-top shape. “I recommend around 3-4 months before your wedding to take a month off from any polish and just apply cuticle oil and moisturizer at least 2x/day,” she says. “This will help get your nails stronger and healthier which will, in turn, help your wedding nails last longer.” According to Mosh, after the engagement, the real work is in the year leading up to the wedding. Some good habits she suggests introducing into your routine are taking collagen and silica, using keratin cuticle oil, eating whole and nutritious foods, supplementing water with trace minerals or shilajit, and not peeling off manicures or using them as tools for opening amazon boxes.

For the futuristic bride who is always looking for the next best thing, celebrity manicurist, Yvette Garcia, who creates head-turning designs for Hollywood A-listers like Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, and Rosalía, predicts that in the upcoming fall season we’ll see more natural elements incorporated in nail art, like crystals quartz and other beautiful stones, in case that sparks any inspiration. Lately, she’s been noticing nail trends with lots of 3d elements mixed with iridescent chromes and films. Her favorite unexpected bridal nail look? “Bling! Nicely done crystal designs can complement so beautifully and are perfect for that ring exchange moment.”