Meet The Real-Life Dream Couple Starring In Graff’s New Bridal Campaign

Grace Elizabeth’s husband saw her in a wedding dress for the first time at the shoot!

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What makes Graff’s latest GRAFFABULOUS bridal campaign so unique? Model and Graff’s High Jewelry muse Grace Elizabeth is a real-life bride and her real-life husband starred in the campaign alongside his new wife in the bridal jewelry campaign.

Two years ago, at the height of the pandemic, Grace and her now-husband Nicolas Krause tied the knot in a private ceremony with just two witnesses. Because of the restrictions on group gatherings, they never had that big moment under the wedding arch with Grace in a flowing white dress.

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Courtesy of Graff

But now, thanks to the Bridal collection, they could enjoy all the precious moments they had missed. “The deep love, connection, and happiness between Grace Elizabeth and her husband are palpable,” said the jewelry House in a press release. “It brings a beautiful warmth, intimacy, and authenticity to the campaign.”

Shooting on a tropical island, Grace and her husband were able to take the bridal portraits of their dreams, with Grace switching out different jewelry pieces to reflect each special moment of the day. “To be able just to be myself and not have to play a part or a role was really refreshing,” she said of the shoot with her husband.

She walked down the aisle donning a tiara fit for a princess and later took romantic photos on the beach with Nicolas dotted with delicate diamond jewelry.  “The moment that Grace walked onto the beach in her dress, everyone was so moved,” said the campaign photographer Jennifer Livingston. “It felt like we were actually at their wedding!”

Courtesy of Graff

“During the fitting, I explained to Graff that I never wore a real wedding dress,” Elizabeth explains in an interview with the brand. “They were like, ‘so he’s never seen you in a wedding dress?’ and during the fitting they made him leave so that I could try on the wedding dresses and he wouldn’t see it,” she said.

“Come the day of the shoot, they hid me behind this poly board and he was standing at the altar,” she remembers. “They played some music and I walked down the aisle. I was trembling like I was actually getting married.” In the photos, it’s clear to see how real the moment felt to them both. “There is nothing better than making images when the emotion is genuine,” confirms Jennifer. 

“We were getting married for what felt like the first time,” Grace muses “And having it captured so beautifully was definitely the highlight.” Jennifer agrees, remembering the emotions on set: “Everyone on set could feel their love and happiness. Both of them were absolutely beaming!”

Courtesy of Graff

A stand-out from the new collection? The re-imagined Promise setting. “Ever since its launch, the Promise setting has been among the most enduringly popular of Graff’s engagement rings,” says the brand in a press release. “The challenge was to keep the same balance and proportions between the three diamonds when viewed from above while finessing the architecture beneath to create a modern variation of this classic three-stone design.”

“The new campaign shines a light on the incredible array of engagement rings and bridal jewels available at Graff, which are such an important part of our DNA,” reveals says CEO Francois Graff.

Keeping to its “diamond-first” ethos, Graff’s newest Bridal collection features pieces any bride would dream of wearing on her wedding day. From dainty bracelets to statement necklaces, there is something for every type of bride out there.