Zac Posen and Blue Nile Launch Inclusive Wedding Jewelry Collection

The diamond jewelry collection features unisex engagement rings and wedding bands.

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World renowned designer Zac Posen is taking his designing skills to the diamond world with his new wedding band and diamond engagement ring collection with Blue Nile

Zan Posen Blue Nile Wedding jewelry
Zac Posen’s collaboration with Blue Nile features inclusive engagement rings and wedding bands. (Photo Credit: Blue Nile)

The collection for Blue Nile features both traditional engagement rings plus wedding bands adorned with diamonds. The pieces are unisex and certainly appeal to all genders thanks to the bold designs and use of fine metals and diamonds.

 “More and more, we are seeing a growing demand for inclusive jewelry pieces that symbolize love and commitment in all forms,” says Katie Zimmerman, Chief Merchandising Officer at Blue Nile. “As a designer at the forefront of trends, we loved collaborating with Zac to deliver a fresh yet timeless line that we think customers will love.”

In the collection you’ll find yellow and white gold bands with gypsy set diamonds, aka diamonds set flush into the band. Some bands feature a singular diamond, others are adorned with multiple smaller diamonds for a more glam effect. 

ZAC Zac Posen wedding jewelry collection for Blue Nile (Photo Credit: Blue Nile)

The collection wouldn’t be complete without eternity bands as well, some set with round diamonds and another with gorgeous small emerald cut diamonds. 

We’re especially love the bezel set diamond wedding band, a very on-trend style this season. 

ZAC Zac Posen wedding jewelry collection for Blue Nile (Photo Credit: Blue Nile)

“Designing for occasion jewelry – especially wedding – is always a welcome challenge for me,” reveals Posen. “You’re creating enduring pieces that people will hopefully wear every day for the rest of their lives.” Until the upgrade, if that’s in your future plans. 

ZAC Zac Posen wedding jewelry collection for Blue Nile (Photo Credit: Blue Nile)

“For this collection, it was important for me to create unique and ageless designs that also celebrate love, unity and marriage for all,” explains Posen. And that vision truly shines through in each of the pieces he designed. 

We’ve seen first-hand how gender-neutral designs are becoming more and more prevalent as well as more designers creating pieces for all. “The traditional idea of marriage is evolving, and the wedding category is finally starting to reflect that,” says Posen.

Photo Credit: Blue Nile

“It has been exciting for me to watch how Blue Nile continues to support designers who are reimagining the wedding category and the traditional symbols of love and marriage, like me,” he reveals. We couldn’t agree more!