Best New Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands From COUTURE 2021

Forget the classics. These styles are all about self-expression.

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Welcome to the next generation of wedding jewelry, where traditional sensibilities are taking a backseat to rings that reflect modern brides’ personal tastes and everyday lives. In short, it’s no longer about the 4Cs; it’s about individuality, style and self-expression.

At the 2021 COUTURE show in Las Vegas, designers unveiled new diamond rings, tailored for every budget and aesthetic, which speak to this new era of commitment jewelry. The following three bridal jewelry trends are only the beginning…

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Scott West: A Different Diamond Stone

More and more designers are exploring variations of the classic diamond stone, itself. A great example can be found in Scott West’s new collection, where “milky” opalescent diamonds are framed in the rare Argyle blue and pink fancy-colored diamonds for which the brand is known. The high-contrast look is often described as pink and blue diamonds that are “floating on a cloud.”

Sethi: Colored Diamonds, Stacked Up

Sethi Couture’s new wedding band styles showcase earthy shades of diamonds—green, yellowy, orangey and icy blue tones—in rose cuts that offer a subtle but elegant vibe. “A new trend we are seeing is brides opting for wider diamonds and stacked rings over single stone engagement rings,” says the brand’s founder Prerna Sethi. “Brides want more fashion pieces and as their style evolves, they want to change their rings up. The subtle colored diamonds are understated yet fashionable—and the rose cut creates a magical sparkle.”

Shimansky: Contemporary Diamond Settings

Shimansky made its debut at Couture with a range of diamond solitaire styles that feature stones in contemporary yet uniquely timeless settings. “Women are tired of the classic solitaire and halo settings,” says Yair Yair Shimansky. “They want something different, and something that looks modern and new.” Shimansky’s signature rings position round brilliant cut diamonds between two tong-like diamond lines that climb towards the knuckles.