7 Diamond Wedding Band Styles That Are Anything But Ordinary

Diamond wedding bands are becoming a focal point instead of a supporting player.

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Tariq Riaz Al-Jahili Ring

Getting engaged shouldn’t provoke hand wringing over choosing a ring. While in recent history, the classic pairing of an engagement ring and wedding band was considered essential for women tying the knot, the rules for wedding and engagement jewelry are changing fast. Freedom of choice prevails, and more couples are following their instincts, even if that means defying convention. After all, the most meaningful jewel you’ll ever own should feel like the perfect fit in every sense.

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One of the top alternatives to an engagement ring is a diamond-studded band. It’s an enduring shape, a blank slate for any style sensibility, from antique-inspired to up-to-the-moment modern. As a result, there are unlimited options at your…fingertips. An eternity band of diamonds set end-to-end is a logical place to start your search. You’ll find them in any number of different diamond shapes, sizes or settings (plus, they have a solid style pedigree—Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe each wore one). And don’t forget to consider options beyond bridal jewelry brands. There are unique diamond wedding band styles aplenty from designers whose focus is fashion rather than traditional wedding style. 

A diamond band’s low profile makes it a no-fuss piece that is easy to pull off, even for people who don’t usually wear much jewelry. And they’re just as easy to combine with other rings as any solitaire if you’re so inclined.

Another bonus? Lots of diamond bands are intentionally gender-neutral so that anyone who wants to honor a relationship with a precious, brilliant jewel will be sure to find one that suits.

But if you want the latitude to wear an engagement ring, at least some of the time, consider a series of interlocking rings that can be worn separately or snap together for wear as a single band. So, you can commit to your partner but change the look of your rings with these diamond wedding band styles anytime.

1. Established

diamond wedding band styles established

Joan’s Ring from Established in 18K yellow and white gold white pavé diamonds.

2. Renna

diamond wedding band styles renna

Renna’s Equator diamond band with diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

3. Walters Faith

diamond wedding band styles

Walters Faith Grant 7mm wide, 18K rose gold and white diamond angled band ring.

4. Leigh Maxwell

diamond wedding band styles

Leigh Maxwell’s Ameerah Signature ring with princess cut diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

5. Tariq Riaz

diamond wedding band styles

Tariq Riaz Al Jahili ring in 18K white gold with 92 natural diamonds and two blue sapphires.

6. Harwell Godfrey

diamond wedding band styles

The Harwell Godfrey Stardust cigar band with diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

7. Shihara

diamond wedding band styles

Shihara Diamond Bond Ring 04 with a square edged parallel dual ring with one strut set with diamonds on the surface.