Valentine’s Day Natural Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas that are Unique and Meaningful

Celebrate someone special on Valentine’s Day with natural diamond jewelry.

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Nothing says “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day quite like a natural diamond jewelry gift. Our guide has unique and timeless pieces that fit every budget, style and love story.

Perfectly Imperfect

valentine's day natural diamond jewelry gift guide ideas
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Atypical Diamonds

How can you be sure it’s true love? Maybe it’s when you don’t have to conceal your true colors and imperfect qualities. In the end, someone who genuinely adores you will treasure the offbeat traits that make you unique. And jewelry that makes diamonds with unusual colors or visible inclusions its fabulous focal point is a thoughtful symbol of unconditional love that doesn’t demand perfection. Whether it’s a flower ring with glowing golden brown diamond petals or a cuff that looks like an ancient find, complete with silvery, opaque stones, the person who recognizes their unconventional beauty will treasure them as much as a gleaming, flawless gem. As with any person, their collection of distinctive features is what makes them one-of-a-kind creations.

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Variety Show


Mixed-Cut Natural Diamond Jewelry

Stumped by choosing a gift with the just-right diamond? Don’t stop with one. Instead, look for pieces with a mix of diamonds in different shapes or sizes. They’re versatile designs sure to please even the most finicky (or indecisive) jewelry lovers. Bringing together the classic contours of a round brilliant with a glamorous marquise or a geometric princess cut gives any jewel outsize dimension that’s impossible to deny. And they make great companions for any other diamonds in someone special’s collection.

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Beautiful Inside and Out

valentine's day natural diamond jewelry gift guide ideas
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Diamond Lockets

Lockets are unsurpassed in the sentimental jewelry department. There’s no better way to keep a memento—a photo, a lock of hair—close to the heart in every sense. Of course, these diamond-set examples are exceptionally crafted places to secret a tiny treasure. A diamond frame only highlights the value of the prize within. When wearing one of these, the rest of the world may believe they’re conventional pendants, but a precious few will learn the secret of the remarkable contents their owners place within.

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Love Language

valentine's day natural diamond jewelry gift guide ideas
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Script Natural Diamond Jewelry

Even if your sweetheart knows they’re treasured, it doesn’t hurt to spell out your feelings every once in a while. Better still, write out the sentiment in diamonds and precious metal. Jewelry emblazoned with a word that shows you care is a sweet reminder of your unambiguous affection. A straightforward “forever & ever” pendant will broadcast your eternal devotion, while a “kiss” necklace is a little cheeky. Maybe you’ll opt for a piece in a language that has a special connection to the recipient or feels extra romantic. Love sounds so much more charming en francais, mais non? Another bonus, these pieces let someone subtly flaunt their valued status to the world every time they wear one. 

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Fire and Ice

valentine's day natural diamond jewelry gift guide ideas

White Diamonds with a Touch of Red

Diamonds, especially white ones, are prized for their brilliance and bracing clarity. But pairing them with the hot intensity of the color red only magnifies those sought-after qualities. Together they create a magnetic and captivating contrast, not to mention especially fitting for a Valentine’s Day surprise. There are many ways to achieve the desired effect, whether combining a diamond watch case with a seductive red watch strap or heightening the hall-of-mirrors allure of an emerald-cut diamond solitaire with a surround of luscious red rubies. No matter the choice, these jewels will send hearts racing.

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