Transcend the Regency Era with this Bridgerton Inspired Natural Diamond Jewelry Collection

“Bridgerton” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and Monica Rich Kosann team up to take readers on a diamond jewelry journey.

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Photos courtesy of Monica Rich Kosann


Dearest readers: Fine jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann has joined forces with the Emmy-award-winning costume designer of Netflix’s hit show, Bridgerton, Ellen Mirojnick to create a collection that will transport you to the Regency era. Filled with romance, natural diamonds, and special mementos, this new Bridgerton jewelry collection will not only sweep you off your feet but serves to kick off Shondaland’s new Seat at the Table initiative.

bridgerton jewelry diamond monica rich kosann
Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewelry Collection 

Monica is a born and raised New Yorker. “Working as a photographer, I was always a storyteller. I also always had a huge love of jewelry and antiques,” she said. Monica would store her client’s photos in vintage powder compact and cigarette cases. Her clients loved the idea, noting it as an heirloom. “Each piece was one of a kind. They each had a story that was so personal,” Monica told Only Natural Diamonds. “It got me thinking, what if I could make some of these new again and turn this into a business?” Soon enough, Monica was selling personalized vintage powder compact cases and cigarette cases on a little shelf in Bergdorf Goodman.

While her business was taking off, Monica reflected on her love for all jewelry from the 1900s— specifically lockets and charms. “Lockets are the sexiest piece of jewelry a woman could wear,” she said. “Lockets are a way to tell a story, and this resonated with people.”

locket bridgerton jewelry diamond monica rich kosann
The “Wisteria” Locket in 18k Gold With Diamonds

Monica recalled her first memory of a diamond saying, “My mother had a charm bracelet. Her brother (my uncle) lived in Brazil at the time, and every time he came to visit, he would bring my mother and her sister a new charm. Each charm had a different stone. One of the charms was a globe with little diamonds in it.” As it happens, one of Monica’s signature jewelry items today is charms, which are especially present in this new collection.

“I love to take iconic historical concepts in jewelry, such as the lockets, charms and posey rings, and make them new, fresh and sexy again. That’s what Bridgerton is all about,” says Monica. The locket that is featured in this new collection is a nod to the Bridgerton family. The locket is wrapped in wisteria that is shaped like a heart and features a diamond (representing the season’s diamond). “A woman can take this locket and have a piece of Bridgerton—but really, she can create her own story with it.”

bridgerton jewelry diamond monica rich kosann  ring
The “Queen” Poesy Stackable Ring in 18k Gold With Diamonds
bridgerton jewelry diamond monica rich kosann
18k Gold “Bee” Charm

The jewelry collection also features a posey ring that was turned into a crown as a direct nod to the Queen in Bridgerton, with the word “queen” inscribed on the inside. There is also a bee charm, a symbol that plays a large part in the latest season and also features the show’s signature whimsical aesthetic with the wings in the shape of ribbons and bows, and diamonds, of course.

Monica refers to working with Ellen as being like two kids in a candy store. “We have so much in common, especially our love for vintage jewelry,” she says.

Ellen is also a New Yorker, who splits her time between New York City and Los Angeles. “I began as a fashion designer,” Ellen said. “I designed and merchandised for the emerging junior sportswear market. I had a talent for creating youthful, au courant style that reverberated throughout the industry.” Ellen always saw the bigger picture after her initial designs saying, “Costume design came as a natural extension of design exploration. I’m a storyteller, and costume design is a big part of telling each character’s story. It became my passion.”

Of working on Bridgerton, Ellen says “It was such a joy. I’ve never worked on a bigger or more ambitious project. We loved what we were doing and hoped others did as well.” She continued, “I was the first creative hire for the show, so I created the look and feel for the Bridgerton universe.” Ellen knew there was a very specific vision in mind for the Regency era romantic drama. “We took the Regency silhouette for both women and men and completely turned it on its head,” she said.

“Once the audience saw our version of regency dressing in the show, they wanted it all. From the stockings to the gloves!” Monica says.

Ellen added, “We became a pioneer of “regencycore” in the modern era and taught our audience to watch a period drama in a new way.”

Much like Ellen wanted to show the regency costumes in a new, more modern way, Monica does the same with her lockets, charms and antique jewelry. “We were just in sync”, Monica says. “You have two creative women who are so supportive of one another working together for the same goal. It’s just been a dream come true.”

bridgerton jewelry diamond monica rich kosann

As for the next season, dear readers? Be on the lookout for “easter eggs”, Ellen says. “The audience will see new characters and our original characters. What you will see in the coming season will blow your mind! It’s totally gorgeous!”

Diamonds will, of course, be present. “There is always the diamond of the season!” Ellen said. “The jewelry has changed, as the characters have, but there will always be something brand new to go crazy for.” Despite OND hoping for a spoiler or two, Ellen revealed she cannot tell our dearest readers exactly what it is, but she assures, “No one will be disappointed. I cannot wait for everyone to see it!”

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