This Mother’s Day, 5 Jewelry Designers Share the Power of Self-Gifting

Mother’s Day is even brighter when you add diamonds.

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Babe by Hatch

Photo Credit: Zachary's Jewelers

We are taking the guesswork out of Mother’s Day this year and going straight to the source: the mamas! The jewelry mamas, to be specific. Instead of trusting a google search to find the perfect piece to give the person with the hardest job in the world, trust in these women who are all jewelry designers, diamond experts, and mothers themselves. We talked to jewelry designers, including participants in the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative, to get inspiration for Mother’s Day diamond jewelry gift shopping and to learn just how powerful self-gifting on Mother’s Day can be.

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Halle Millien, Heart the Stones

Halle Millien, founder of Heart the Stones

“As a mother of two young boys, I am constantly prioritizing their needs or wants over my own without ever being aware of it.  I often feel mom guilt if I spend money on myself. Should I buy them more books, tutoring lessons…?  It took me a couple of years into motherhood to realize that I should not stop investing in myself just because I am a mother. Investing in a beautiful piece of jewelry for myself is a necessary reminder that I am not only a mother but a full person worthy of self-care and my own attention. Jewelry specifically, though, is also a wonderful keepsake because you can pass it along to your children. I have plenty of pieces that both my mother and grandmother purchased for themselves that I now wear with love and pride. Jewelry, like many things, can be a tangible representation of how you must “fill up your cup” so that you can authentically give to others.”

Catherine Sarr, Almasika

Jewelry from Almasika

“The power of self-purchase at large and especially for Mother’s Day is profound; it speaks to an unapologetic discernment a woman can express — knowing what they like and going for it. From the inception, we designed for women who are inherently curious, passionate about the world, and dress for themselves first and foremost. A self-purchase for Mother’s Day is a natural extension of this innate sense of self and confidence our discerning clientele exudes. Diamonds make the perfect self-purchase because they have the power to become heirloom pieces. Diamonds mean eternity, pieces that stand the test of time and are passed from generation to generation. As a mother or mother figure, you are aware of the life that extends and will extend past your own, so jewelry can act as a current reflection of values, memories, and intentions for the wearer and as a continuation of them.”

Almasika Universum Medallion in 23mm

“With this in mind, I instinctively think of our Universum Medallion in 11mm, 23mm or 35mm depending on personal taste. Concentric circles are at the center of the piece. The symbol is composed of delicately sculpted circles radiating from a common center set with a diamond. Representing the universe, this motif has appeared throughout the world and across eras, etched in boulders in the Sahara and found in valleys in Arizona.”

Constance Polamalu, Birthright Foundry and Zachary’s Jewelers

Constance Polamalu of Birthright Foundry

“My mama taught me to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all women because she always says, “Every woman is a mother to someone or something.” As such, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for all women to treat themselves to something significant and symbolic of their own motherhood journey. In general, I love to see self-purchases be the statement pieces that help to define a woman’s sense of personal style. Whether a designer item or custom piece produced with your local jeweler these should be pieces that evoke something so deeply personal that it would be hard for another to gift. As for what category, I recommend rings and bracelets because they are the only jewelry you can see on yourself without a mirror.”

Birthright Foundry Voyager Ring

I’m loving The Voyager Ring I designed for Birthright Foundry and anything with pink or yellow diamonds for this year!”

Lisette Scott, Jam+Rico

mothers day self gifting diamond jewelry
Lisette Scott, Founder of Jam + Rico

“My new favorite jewelry store is Greenwich St. Jewelers. GST is owned by women and celebrates moms and women-owned jewelers daily. My collection is currently on display and I couldn’t help but shop for myself while visiting the store. As a wife and mom of two, it’s not often I take the time to prioritize myself, but I’ve learned that I need to treat myself with as much love as I give to my family. So while visiting my new favorite jewelry store I set my eyes on a new necklace by fellow jeweler Lorraine West to celebrate being a wife, a mom of two and a full-time jeweler.”

Brent Neale

Jewelry by Brent Neale

“There is no harder job than being a momma so why not pick the hardest stone! I have been loving our diamond pillow bib because it’s really a worker; she layers well, plays nice with others and can be casual or dressy. She is just a really easy piece to wear!”

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