2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Natural Diamond Jewelry Gifts that Surprise

From colorful and edgy to simple and chic, this gift guide has something for everyone.

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knots natural diamond jewelry holiday gifts

Shake up the expectations of everyone on your shopping list with diamond jewelry that is precious and makes a personal statement

Shine From Head to Toe

natural diamond jewelry holiday gifts body jewelry ear cuff

Embrace diamond jewelry where
you’d least expect to see it.

While we sometimes think of jewelry as adornments for wrists and fingers, necklines and earlobes, the possibilities are much more vast—and exciting—than the usual suspects. And when shopping for the proverbial person who has everything, it is only logical to make the element of surprise your ally. Defy expectations and delight the tough-to-please by looking to diamond jewelry that will highlight often neglected areas of their anatomy. An extravert who wants a conversation-starting glow-up will swoon for a diamond cuff that hugs the bottom lip just so (and will probably get a few tongues wagging too). An undulating high jewelry earring that looks like tentacles and coils around the skull is where edgy and luxurious meet. A well-placed diamond in an unconventional spot signals that the wearer doesn’t feel compelled by tired conventions. Who wouldn’t be disarmed when a smile reveals diamond studded grillz? And the recipient will never forget the person who gave such an out-of-the-box gift.

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All in the Mix

Bea Bongiasca

A splash of an unexpected hue
brings a new dimension to diamond jewels.

Opposites attract, it’s true. A certain frisson comes from joining two characters some people might think of as incompatible, like Champagne and potato chips or Pete Davidson and…just about anyone he dates. A little contrast can make for thrilling chemistry when it involves the materials that go into jewelry, too. One way to find a gift that highlights the fire and brilliance of a diamond is with a design that pairs it with hard-to-miss color that unexpectedly emphasizes its beauty. Enamel accents in a spectrum of options from soft, painterly pastels or New Wave neon are one way to go, as is setting diamonds in metals with high-tech treatments with futuristic colors that look beamed in from outer space. A stroke of encompassing candy color transforms precious jewelry, amping up its cool quotient. And don’t forget the possibility of reversing the color equation. Diamonds can be found in all kinds of tempting hues—Cognac! bubble gum pink!—so don’t forget to consider the full menu of color combinations you can create by combining them with other colors.  

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Pet Projects

animal natural diamond jewelry holiday gifts
De Beers

Anyone looks better in diamonds,
that includes your favorite fanciful creature.

If there’s ever a topic that’s an instant conversation starter, it’s our animals and the stories that go along with them. Dog person? Cat person? Prefer a parakeet? Chances are there’s someone on your holiday shopping list that has an affinity for at least one kind of creature, furry, feathered or otherwise. And jewelry designers aren’t immune to the attractions of the animal kingdom. You’d be hard-pressed to find a collection that doesn’t occasionally look it for a few ideas. Aside from endless variation in shape and color, animals and insects are often endowed with symbolic meaning, making them excellent fodder for jewelry design. So start (or add to) someone’s diamond-studded menagerie with a jewel that will express the right sentiment and dazzle the eye. Think of it as a personal talisman that can provide inspiration or solace. From coiling sculptural snakes that often signal creativity and renewal to ultra cute owls that combine wisdom and whimsy or light-as-a-feather butterflies that signify hope and transformation, these pieces are precious works of high design that don’t take themselves too seriously and perfect for people who feel the same way.

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Tie One On

knots natural diamond jewelry holiday gifts
Hannah Martin

Show your affection is true with a design
that has real staying power.

Knots are one of the most enduring and universal motifs in jewelry design, appearing in cultures worldwide for millennia, from ancient Greek jewelry to intricate Celtic patterns from the Middle Ages. A symbol often used to represent love and lives intertwined—marrying couples tie the knot, after all—knots are a favorite motif for gifts between people who want to celebrate a unique bond, whether romantic, friendship or familial.

Timeless as it may be, knot symbolism has found new currency among a crop of tastemaking designers who are fashioning it according to their character, plumbing their points of view to create countless variations on the theme: romantic, seductive, modern, sexy, and more. Some, as if by magic, make precious metal set with diamonds look as delicate and weightless as a length of ribbon. Others create weighty forms that are play to the strength and power the shape can express. Its malleable character is part of why the knot motif forever has a place in the imagination of so many jewelry lovers. Give one this season and you’ll have a permanent place in someone’s heart.

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Classics Reimagined

classic natural diamond jewelry holiday gifts
Studio Renn

Failsafe silhouettes with updated
details are staples for now and forever.

Everyone knows the little black dress is a wardrobe essential. The same goes for a perfectly fitted trench coat or white button-down. And jewelry collections have greatest hits that are virtually impossible to live without, too: a toi and moi ring, a stack of bracelets in diamond and gold or a pair of hoops that will pass muster no matter the dress code. They’re among the pieces that will delight anyone who receives them and are worthy of investment because of their limitless mileage and ability to elevate any look.

But tried-and-true doesn’t have to mean nondescript. The best diamond jewelry gifts are the ones that feel like extensions of their owner’s personality. Look for designs that inject classics with next-level attitude that will resonate with the recipient, whether that means going for edgy accents or striking a playful, romantic note. A familiar style can make a far-out statement with a few subtle tweaks. Think of an angular fancy cut solitaire that’s set just slightly askew or a wear-whenever diamond-set necklace in steel instead of a conventional precious metal. Considering the littlest details will pay big dividends.

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Big Time Diamonds


Want to give a gift that prompts eternal gratitude?
Look no further than a bejeweled watch.

Yes, anyone can keep track of the time with a cell phone, but—let’s face it—anxiously fiddling with a little digital device isn’t the most elegant gesture in the world. And sometimes, the most gracious way to show rapt attention is by stowing our gadgets away and focusing on the matter at hand without staring at a screen. A beguiling diamond-set watch allows someone to be in the moment while maintaining command of time. Think of it as an heirloom bracelet with a practical element: the right watch will add a hint of shine and a sense of occasion to any hour of the day. Opt for a design with strategically placed diamonds along the dial and chic leather strap for everyday wear. Or, if subtlety is the name of the game, look for one on a chunky gold link bracelet that largely disguises its time-telling function altogether. And for maximum, unabashed glamour, give a fully diamond-set watch that’s just right for the most opulent occasions; it will help measure the right moment to make a momentous entrance and a gracious exit.

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