The Perfect Pair: Diamond Bracelets to Style with Your Watch

Expert advice straight from a watch aficionado.

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Courtesy of London Jewelers

If you are anything like me, you never leave the house without a watch on your wrist. Watches have enamored me for as long as fine jewelry. There is nothing else that you can adorn yourself with and enjoy for a lifetime that plays such an essential part in how you present yourself. Fine jewelry and watches are also uniquely able to be passed down through the generations. My watch has sat alone on my wrist for most of my life, while my other wrist, neck, and fingers are often layered with jewelry. Two of my diamond bracelets never come off my wrist and have become a part of my identity. The same can be said for my stacked diamond wedding bands and chain always peaking under my shirt. Some pieces never leave me, while others are added to customize the day’s look. 

This doesn’t seem like a massive revelation for most people, but it wasn’t long ago that I first clasped my diamond tennis bracelet to the same wrist as my watch. It was like a style lightbulb went off in my head. For some reason, before then, the idea of layering my watch with a diamond bracelet seemed unnecessary or uncomfortable. It wasn’t something I had seen many people do, especially men. After trying it, and now never leaving home without it, I can’t imagine why I thought that. The pairing instantly elevates your wrist game, enhancing the look of your watch and adding a quiet luxury feel to your diamond bracelets.

Courtesy of London Jewelers
When choosing a bracelet to pair with your watch,
there are a few things to keep in mind.

To Lux or Not to Lux

Luxury watches like Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, or Rolex are great, but you don’t need a luxury watch to brave the pairing. I’ve often paired my quirky, inexpensive Swatch with a diamond bangle, and few things get so many compliments. You may also think the smartwatch is off-limits; however, its practical nature combined with a diamond bracelet is as chic as a tennis necklace at the gym. 

Consider the Materials 

Stacking bracelets with other bracelets or a watch can cause wear and tear, but this can be mitigated with the right materials. Natural diamonds are the hardest thing on earth, so there is no need to worry about them. However, other gemstones are more fragile, so stacking may not be the best option. Bracelets and watches made in gold, platinum, and stainless steel can be mixed and matched without issue, but if your watch or bracelet is gold-plated or plastic, you may want to reconsider the pairing. 

What’s Your Favorite Position

Some would debate whether to wear the bracelet above the watch or below the watch closer to your hand. The truth is, this depends on the bracelet. If you use a classic diamond tennis bracelet that is free moving and doesn’t fit very tight, your best bet is usually below the watch. A ridged bangle with little movement often looks excellent above the watch. Differences in fit and design of your watch and bracelet mean there is no rule; it’s best to play and see what you like better. 

Design is Everything

No particular bracelet design is best for pairing with your watch. Your choices are nearly unlimited. Ridged bangles, cuffs, tennis bracelets, chains, and charm brackets can work brilliantly for a watch pairing. The only design tip you should remember is to keep it narrow. The bracelet should be significantly slimmer than the watch for aesthetics and comfort. Anything much wider than a thumb usually doesn’t balance well with a watch and is rarely comfortable. 

With all these tips in mind, below are a few of my recommendations for diamond bracelets that will instantly elevate your wrist game and cure your watch of its loneliness.

Anita Ko Small Havana Diamond Bracelet, $10,625

Nada Ghazal Back to Basics Medium Icy Cuff, $3,740

Bernard James Aura Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet, $3,650

Reverie Round Diamond Cuff Bracelet, $2,300

London Collection Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet, $11,830

“Extrusion” Thin Bypass Pill Cuff, $9,900

OX Ourglass Bracelet, price upon request

De Beers RVL Cord Bracelet, $2,900

Marli Cleo Full Diamond Slim Slip On Bracelet, $5,200

Tariq Riaz Circle of Life Bracelet, $12,242