The Last Line’s New Collection Proves Diamond Jewelry Should Be Worn Every Day

Shelley Sanders shares her diamond styling tips, design inspiration for the “New Classics” collection and more.

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From their fun and flirty jewelry designs, modern take on classics like tennis bracelets and Riviere necklaces, and, of course, their love for diamonds, there’s so much to love about The Last Line. The Last Line has used diamonds plenty of times in their pieces, but now, they’ve released a diamond-only collection called New Classics—diamonds for any occasion.

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When it comes to building the perfect diamond jewelry collection, The Last Line really is the last line. You can get personal by adding initials or names to classic tennis bracelets and necklaces and build ring stacks that would make even Elizabeth Taylor jealous. And the best part? The Last Line is approachable and no-fuss and makes buying diamonds feel like second nature. Their website is a one-stop-shop for your jewelry box and their direct-to-consumer platform makes it easy to build a meaningful collection to last generations and beyond.

This new line of pieces is eye-catching, not only for its sparkle and shine but for its wearability and versatility. Ahead, we had a chance to speak with Shelley Sanders, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Last Line on the inspiration behind the collection plus some styling tips and tricks from the pro herself.

Interview with Shelly Sanders, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Last Line

the last line diamond jewelry just because collection founder shelly sanders interview
Shelley Sanders of The Last Line

The Last Line’s new diamond jewelry collection has been referenced as “classics with a twist.” Can you describe what that twist is? 

Shelley Sanders: The twist can be a design that has been created traditionally like a tennis bracelet, or a signet ring and updated to be fresh and cool again. You could say we keep “twisting” with modern iterations, like our personalized tennis bracelet or our flower and diamond tennis bracelet, but always honoring the craftsmanship of pieces from the past. Jewelry has been around for so long that many pieces have fallen out of fashion but at the core, are fantastic styles. We love to focus on styles that are timeless and give them new life with new materials, functionalities, articulations, proportions, and styles.

the last line diamond jewelry collection just because every day diamonds tennis bracelets
Courtesy of The Last Line

It’s always the most rewarding when we see a style that was previously thought to be cliché become a best seller. We want our jewelry to be enjoyed by our youngest clients as well as our oldest and to be mixed seamlessly with other pieces from The Last Line, handed down heirlooms, and even pieces purchased from other designers. It’s a challenge to honor the design of an over 100-year-old style, to imagine how it could be worn now, how it should be changed, what should be added to it, and how we can re-interpret it and redesign it in a new way that our customers will become excited about.  

Our designs are multigenerational and there is something for every style, price, and preference. The idea alone that these pieces can be passed down is really something I love, I want TLL to be in every woman’s jewelry box. We have the staples you have been searching for but couldn’t find done perfectly until now, which is something I work really hard on when I design.  

OND: How do you incorporate diamonds into your everyday look?

SS: In as many ways as possible! I’ve never been great with restraint or subscribed to the idea of reserving certain pieces for special occasions. What’s the point of having beautiful things kept away? I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing jewelry. I love to wear vintage Levi’s and a t-shirt and make the outfit unique with my jewelry. I like jewelry that can be worn day to night and in many ways. I work my outfit around my jewelry, where for many women jewelry is the finishing touch. I love the juxtaposition of fancy pieces like a tennis collar and a riviera necklace worn with a t-shirt and jeans. The beauty is they look just as fabulous with a fancy dress if that’s the evening’s agenda.  

the last line diamond jewelry collection just because every day diamonds ring stack
Courtesy of The Last Line

Why do you choose to use natural diamonds in your jewelry for The Last Line? 

SS: Materials are super important to me. All our casted fine jewelry is made of 100% recycled 14 karat gold and all our diamonds and gemstones are natural, ethically sourced conflict-free stones. We choose natural stones because we appreciate their unique quality, plus the selection of colors, clarities, and look of natural stones make them more meaningful to us. We like the juxtaposition of natural stones and recycled gold in our modern designs.

What are some styling tips and tricks you can share when it comes to layering diamond necklaces?

SS: Proportion is key. For necklaces, think about your longest piece and then add in your necklaces with shorter lengths. In any stack, a variety of textures, from widths to settings is what creates a cool stack. 

What about styling earscapes?

SS: With earscapes, Rule #1, there are no rules! I think sometimes people see earscapes and think they can never do that, which is absolutely false. When you’re starting to build your stack, think about existing pieces and piercings, then figure out what you want to build and go for it. The nice thing about earrings is that most pieces can be worn in multiple places, so there is a lot of versatility organically. If you’re looking for an easy way to start, below is what I always tell people: 

the last line diamond jewelry collection just because every day diamonds earrings
Courtesy of The Last Line
  • First, determine what your common element will be, i.e. all diamonds or all hoops. Whether you’re just starting or building out asymmetrical ear games, the key to anchoring a look is keeping it focused on a stone or style.  
  • Then, pick a styling vibe–– there are no rules but it’s best to have an idea of what you want the look to be. A few of our favorite styling vibes include graduated hoops, unpaired pairs, complementary colors, and single stone, aka all diamonds, all the time. 
  • Finally, go for the gold (yellow, white, or rose!) and start building. The best earscapes mix together different textures and lengths. Textured gold next to shiny gold adds variation that feels matchy but still different.

A lot of women think that they can’t buy diamond pieces for themselves. What advice would you give to a woman who wants to buy something nice for herself but isn’t sure where to start? 

SS: First–– buy it, you deserve it and don’t need a reason to treat yourself! We have a lot of clients who purchase for themselves, which is the energy we love. If you’re just starting out, I’d stick to the classics: a tennis bracelet, a great pair of studs or a classic hoop, or if budget allows a tennis necklace. You can’t go wrong with a classic, and then continue to personalize your stack as you build your collection, maybe that’s adding a pendant that’s sentimental or your new initials after your wedding. 

the last line diamond jewelry collection just because every day diamonds tennis necklace
Courtesy of The Last Line

Which piece from the New Classics collection are you most excited about? 

SS: I love our classic Riviera and have my eyes on the emerald version of it. I’ve also been eyeing the new diamond fringe necklace which is extremely unique yet feels classic at the same time. The matching two-length diamond drops are also favorites. I love this collection, it’s so easily worn and beautiful, I’ll be getting a few!