The Best of the New Rom-Coms Feature Fab Diamond Engagement Rings

Far more than just props, these jewels shine in the storylines.

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rom com movies diamonds jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel strategizing their next move in the action-packed rom com Shotgun Wedding. Photo credit: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Now that we are in the midst of a rom-com-naissance, you might be wondering why the movie genre ever slipped away. Afterall, it has so many things so many of us enjoy. For starters, there are (obviously) the feel-good factors of romance and comedy movies. There is also the accompanying fashion-inspiration surrounding date nights, parties and all the special affairs. Many rom-coms also include the ultimate symbol of love and glamour—a diamond engagement ring.

The jewel can be the glue that holds the plot together or a prop that causes some unexpected twists and turns. An engagement ring can also be the tangible accessory that shows everyone a woman intends to walk down the aisle with her true love soon.

Shotgun Wedding and Something From Tiffany’s, both available on Amazon Prime, and remake of Father of the Bride, which can be found on HBO Max, are the best of the new rom coms featuring fabulous diamond engagement rings. The jewels play various sized roles in the crisp plots with modern twists on getting hitched such as women-led proposals and grooms taking their bride’s last name à la Brooklyn Peltz Beckham.

Find out more about each of the movies below and add them to your streaming queue to get in the mood for Valentine’s day or just put a smile on your face anytime.

Shotgun Wedding

shotgun wedding rom com movies diamonds jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez wearing Bulgari diamond and turquoise jewelry as she shares a drink with Callie Hernandez in Shotgun Wedding. Photo credit: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Jennifer Lopez has been starring in rom coms since she made The Wedding Planner in 2001. When the diamond studded Marry Me was released last year, the actress was given credit for helping to revive the genre.

J.Lo’s latest film, Shotgun Wedding, is part rom-com part action movie, or as The New York Times dubbed its review, Die Hard with Refreshments.’ The bride and groom, J.Lo and Josh Duhamel, seamlessly transform into action heroes in their wedding attire to save their guests—Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz and Sônia Braga among others—who are being held hostage by pirates.

Before and after the hand-to-hand combat and pyrotechnics, believe it or not, the engagement ring plays a part. I know this sounds nuts, but it totally works and would be a spoiler to reveal just how it does. I can tell you, however, what the ring looks like. It is as a glamorous 4-carat emerald-cut diamond with tapered baguette side stones from James Allen.

All the other jewels J.Lo wears in the film are also from Bulgari. At the rehearsal dinner, she has on a Serpenti High Jewelry necklace set with turquoise and onyx beads interspersed by diamond teardrop shaped elements. She also wears Fiorever diamond earrings and a diamond Serpenti Viper Bracelet. It makes for a stunning set of jewels with her yellow strapless dress and brings a splash of the J.Lo style we want to see—shades of her honeymoon in Paris with husband Ben Affleck.

Something From Tiffany’s

smothign from tiffan'y movie diamond
Ray Nicholson with Zoey Deutch who is opening a Tiffany Blue Box with an engagement ring in Something From Tiffany’s. Photo credit: Erin Simkin/Prime Video

An honest mix up of Tiffany blue bags and boxes sets Something From Tiffany’s comedy of errors and love connections in motion.

It’s not a spoiler to say Zoey Deutch ends up with a classic Tiffany Setting diamond engagement ring that wasn’t intended for her because the fact is revealed in the trailer (below). After the switcheroo, the film really gets underway.

What’s interesting to note design-wise about the jewel is that it’s a true classic. By contrast the Tiffany engagement ring Reese Witherspoon wore in Sweet Home Alabama was the newly released Lucida diamond ring.

smothign from tiffan'y movie diamond
Zoey Deutch showing off her Tiffany diamond engagement ring in Amazon’s Something From Tiffany’s. Photo credit: Erin Simkin/© 2022 Amazon Content Services LLC

Zoe’s design is a Tiffany Setting. Originally launched in 1886 by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, the six-prong setting lifts a round brilliant cut diamond above the band and to the light. It has been perpetually popular for 137 years.

The substantial center stone in the jewel used in the movie prompts a lot of banter from Zoey’s friends in the film including, quite simply, “Damn that’s a big ass ring.” 

Father of the Bride

father fo the bride rom com movies diamond
Photo caption: In Father of the Bride, Andy Garcia gets ready to walk his daughter played by Adria Arjona down the aisle. Photo Alamy

There is a reason why the original Father of the Bride made in 1951 and starring Elizabeth Taylor has been remade a couple of times. The premise of a wedding from a nervous father’s perspective is hilarious. In the new rendition, Andy Garcia is a Cuban patriarch who really goes through it when his eldest daughter, portrayed by Adria Arjona, gets engaged to a Mexican lawyer right out of law school.

When Adria makes the announcement at a family dinner, she does it while showing off her diamond engagement ring.  “Look mommy,” she says to her mother played by Gloria Estefan. The jewel is perfectly styled.

It is neither too big, nor too small but just the kind of engagement ring a lawyer whose fiancé comes from a well-heeled family might sport. The diamond at the center of the classic design is an emerald cut. Later when the bride walks down the aisle, she pairs the piece with diamond essentials: studs and a tennis bracelet.

While the movie gives the material a modern Latin spin, the bride’s jewelry is as much of a classic as her father’s ideas. In the end, both are easy to love.