No Tricks, All Treats

19 ghoulish natural diamonds to shop during ‘spooky season.’

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Halloween is a holiday to be treasured, for about 2,000 years to be exact. What used to be celebrated as the end of a harvest and the beginning of a new year, has now transformed into a festive day filled with costumes, candy, and spooky decorations. My favorite part of Halloween is of course the costumes, I used to love bringing them to life with jewelry and accessories (think plastic heart necklaces and stick-on earrings). Now being a bit older, I invest more in natural diamond jewelry and less in the costumes. The jewelry is now the focus, the costume is the accentuation. 

Whether you love Halloween or just love natural diamonds, I present to you some not-so-spooky, but oh so gorgeous jewels to add to your collection to wear all year round. 

David Yurman 

David Yurman Memento Mori Skull, $3,500

We couldn’t have spooky jewelry without a diamond skull pendant from David Yurman now could we? With multiple options, you can choose a white or black diamond skull with the opposite diamonds for eyes, or opt for a white diamond and ruby eyed skull!

Modern Moghul

It was imperative to have a spider included in spooky jewels. This ruby eyed, diamond spider with a baroque pearl from Modern Moghul can be added to any chain of your choosing.

Sylva & Cie

Sylva & Cie Superstar Skull Pendant, $10,000

This epic lapis skull from Sylva & Cie is a favorite. Complete with grey diamonds in the eyes and crown, this pendant would look cool on any chain, all year round.

Dries Criel

Dries Criel Scarab Onyx Ring, $3,761

Another scarb for good measure, this onyx and white diamond scarab ring from Dries Criel is an epic spooky statement piece.

Bernard James

Bernard James Fungi Concia Diamond Ring, $9,900

This pavé mushroom ring from Bernard James features 400 white diamonds set carefully by hand, and adds a little spooky woodland vibe to your everyday jewelry.

Heavenly Vices

Heavenly Vices Rats Love Token, $2,350

For my NYC residents, I know you are a little too close for comfort with the rats of the city. If you are lucky enough to encounter a rat only made out of diamonds, I’d like to present you with this pendant from Heavenly Vices. This commemorative token is inspired by Queen Victoria’s rat catcher, who evidently domesticated rats in the 14th century. 

Mindi Mond

Mindi Mond Georgian Octopus Diamond Wing Earrings, $16,000

For those who love a bit of drama, these 7.60 carat winged diamond earrings from Mindi Mond are serving bold glamour, with a touch of Black Swan

Anne Sisteron

Anne Sisteron Scarab Medallion Charm, $3,800

I am an avid scarab lover, so naturally I am all in on this yellow gold and diamond scarab pendant from Anne Sisteron. A little bit of spook, a lot of chic.

Nicole Rose 

Nicole Rose Diamond and Onyx Double Hoop Earrings, $8,950

If you are looking to add a little bit of edge to your classic diamond hoop earring, Nicole Rose has an onyx and double diamond hoop that is sure to stand out.

State Property

State Property Borsh Discus Enchantress Earrings, $5,200

I am not a fan of spiders, nor the webs they weave, but I am a fan of these earrings from State Property. Intended to pay a tribute to Byzantine architecture, these earrings also have a bit of rock and roll to them, and resemble the chicest spider web you have ever seen. 

Single Stone 

Single Stone Large Cobblestone Letter, $7,500

Do you love gothic style? I have just the pendant for you. Single Stone’s diamond gothic letters are so cool to customize and add to any chain of your choosing.

Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren Apex Pendent, $1,850

This blackened gold and white diamond necklace from Eva Fehren is an everyday necklace, that adds a little edge to your jewelry.  


Foundrae Snake Diamond Pave Bookend Band, $6,000

This diamond snake ring from Foundrae is meant to be worn in a stack, but shines on it’s own. 

Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jewelers Emerson Kite Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring, $4,800

I love the characteristics of a salt-and-pepper diamond, and this S&P kite shaped ring adorned with a petite diamond band from Greenwich St. Jewelers makes for a special engagement ring, or just a special everyday ring. 

Brent Neale

Brent Neale Not Today Studs, $2,450

To add another skeleton, these skull and cross bone diamond earrings from Brent Neale are perfect for spooky season, or whenever you are feeling the “not today!” energy. 

The One I Love

The One I Love The Chocolate $4,600

Brown diamonds are so cool and unique. The One I Love has a chocolate brown diamond weighing just over a carat, set in a thick yellow gold band. Add this beauty to your stack or wear it on its own.


ITÄ “Macu” Caribbean Eye Pendant, $1,550

For an extra bit of protection, this diamond and sapphire evil eye pendant from ITÄ will ward off all negative energy.


Lionheart Shamshir Diamond Sword Charm, $1,295

Another protection symbol, the sword, is decked out in diamonds from Lionheart. Style tip, add this pendant to a ball chain to stand out from your daily necklace stack.

Ali Weiss

Ali Weiss Diamond Moon Charm, $750

One of the most powerful energies comes from the moon. This diamond moon charm from Ali Weiss serves as protection and a reminder of the powerful properties not only in the moon but in natural diamonds as well.