Salon Art + Design Dives Headfirst into Diamonds

The exceptional art fair is exhibiting incredible natural diamond jewels this year.

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DK Farnum, Rosior, Silvia Furmanovich

Salon Art + Design has returned for its 12th year in New York City at the Park Avenue Armory with new galleries and unique displays of collectible design, including some serious natural diamond jewelry. Produced by Sanford L. Smith + Associates, the fair features 50 exhibitors from around the world, presenting vintage, contemporary, modern, and even 20th century art.

Each exhibitor curates a distinctively immersive space displaying their collectible designs and fine art, with many exhibitors displaying pieces of fine jewelry that fit within the theme of their space. “The exhibitors were encouraged to create spaces that the attendees would feel really at home in and that’s pretty much what we have done,” shares Executive Director of Salon Art + Design Jill Bokor in an exclusive interview with Only Natural Diamonds. “Every booth experience was like ‘I can imagine living this way.’”

Salon Art + Design is just now dipping their toes into the jewelry space, but it was a decision that felt natural to the curation of the fair. “We are highlighting our art and design through the conversation about jewelry and this is just the beginning for us,” Bokor explains.

Pink Fantasia Brooch Yvel Jewelry
Floral Earrings by Rosior

“In the past, we have always treated jewelry as a sort of partnership to what we do on the floor of the Salon,” she says. “The more I thought about design, the more I thought this is a more inclusive time and it would be a good moment to step into the jewelry arena.” Bokor goes on to list the different themes to expect throughout the fair, from deco to mid-century, naturally evoking images of rare, antique-cut natural diamond rings and lavish brooches found at prolific auction houses around the world. 

With jewelry exhibitors and partners like Rosior, DK Farnum, Yvel Jewelry, Elevated Matter, and Silvia Furmanovich, this year’s jewelry offerings have become more of a focal point for the fair. “A few years ago, an exhibitor asked if she could put some jewelry on her stand and we said sure as long as it’s not more than twenty percent of the stand and it’s creatively displayed,” Bokor explains of the origin of jewels at the fair. “And she sold out, so that was food for some thought.” From there, including jewelry became a no-brainer.

Drop Earrings by Silvia Furmanovich Earrings
Wrap Ring by Elizabeth Garvin for Elevated Matter

“I believe the same client collects fine art, decorative art and jewelry, and particularly the design jewelry correlation is a very strong one,” she says. And with the curation of designers at the fair, Bokor is hoping to present art that attendees have never seen before. “We are trying to create a mood of absolute delight and enchantment,” she smiles. “With a little bit of caprice and whimsey.”

This sense of rarity is important to Bokor and to the fair itself: “85 percent of what you are going to see in the fair is original,” she explains. “On the art side, you would hardly ever see a print, you would almost always see unique works.” Showing only natural diamond jewelry follows the same logic; Bokor and her team want the original, the piece with inherent rarity and value.

Earrings by DK Farnum
Charm Necklace by Stella Flame for Elevated Matter

“Every single piece of jewelry that’s in these booths is completely unique and that’s… really important,” she continues. “I think whenever important jewelers do fairs… if you buy that piece, you’re going to be the only person in the world who has it.” One-of-a-kind pieces for one-of-a-kind shoppers.

“This is a category I do plan to expand for next year and I will be very interested to hear the feedback,” Bokor says. “And I have every reason to believe that our client is a high-end jewelry client as well.” For those looking for unique natural diamond jewelry that cannot be found on Fifth Avenue, High Street, or Rodeo Drive, Salon Art + Design is the perfect destination.

Visit Salon Art + Design from November 9 through November 13th at the Park Avenue Armory.