Pamela Love Finds Inspiration in Symbolism and Ancient Motifs

Her design for Ten/Ten takes cues from 18th century mourning and Etruscan jewelry.

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Jewelry making was always something Pamela Love enjoyed, even as a kid. The materials, back then, were anything she could lay her hands on. “I took jewelry classes, growing up,” Pamela says. Although at the time, Pamela never quite imagined that her hobby would someday become her career. “It was almost as though it found me,” she says.

A filmmaker-turned-designer, Pamela points out that her past and present lives overlap tremendously; both are detailed, process-oriented and involve storytelling. “For jewelry, I use symbols and artifacts to narrate a story.”

Pamela’s primary sources of inspiration are symbolism and ancient motifs that she discovers on her travels, and an understanding of how different cultures communicate through jewelry and adornment. “I’m very inspired by ideas of luck, fortune and protection,” she says. The underlying themes of her signature elements—evil eyes, daggers and snakes—include American folklore and Mexican folk art and iconography, among others.

Referencing the concept of braiding seen in 18th century mourning jewelry and Etruscan jewelry, fabric, knotting, quilting and craft became muses for Pamela’s Treccia Ring, part of the De Beers Group’s Ten/Ten collection in which an assembly of independent jewelry designers set out to recreate the iconic diamond commitment ring. Made from 18 karat yellow gold, the Treccia Ring alludes to the popularity of the metal and its color in ancient civilizations; the union of souls is interpreted through the braided band that entwines around a round brilliant cut ethically sourced diamond that averages 0.5 carats. The idea of “taking multiple elements and weaving them together to make them stronger and more beautiful” resonated with Pamela’s idea of marriage. “This design is a really nice way to celebrate something personal,” she says.

Pamela’s final product is designed in such a way that’s simple, chic and highlights the stone while deftly navigating price: it rings in at just $3,000 to $4,000. “I have added in texture and detail to the band that creates a point of interest without going overboard with material or additional stones that would have made it more expensive.” Although Pamela has previously designed engagement rings, this particular style, she says, “came out the prettiest.”

For Pamela, the Ten/Ten project was an “exciting opportunity” to work with a beautiful material that was responsibly sourced and fit in with her brand ethos. “The story of Botswana and the way in which the diamond industry has built a healthy economy there is incredibly meaningful. These diamonds not only represent love and commitment, but also represent a better future for millions of people in Botswana. I think of this project as an incredible opportunity to work with material that is making such a difference to so many people’s lives.” Pamela Love’s limited edition commitment rings for Ten/Ten will be sold beginning in January 2021, exclusively on Blue Nile.