A New Designer with a Fresh Take on Timeless Design

OX Jewelry is shaking things up.

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A new player has entered the world of diamond jewelry design. In March 2022, OX Jewelry debuted as a concept brand with a mission to create innovative yet timeless diamond jewelry. OX takes a unique approach to jewelry design by basing all of its creations on a single design and engineering concept, a practice seldom seen in the jewelry world. The company’s founders, Jessica and Michael, are siblings. Jessica’s diamond journey started young when she worked for their Grandmother’s antique and periodic jewelry store in Los Angeles. Michael is an entertainment lawyer passionate about helping creatives bring their vision to life. Together, they are building a brand that challenges how classic jewelry is created and how people can wear it.

The genesis of OX is rooted in Jessica’s fascination with antique and periodic jewelry, which she gained while working at her Grandmother’s jewelry store. Her love for quality craftsmanship and the heirloom aspect of fine natural diamond jewelry led her to pursue a Gemology degree from GIA and work in various roles as a gemstone buyer and in jewelry production. Jessica’s obsession with how jewelry is made led her to create the concept that is the foundation of OX.

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Jessica, being a 90s baby, says the inspiration for the design came from 90s skater culture and the roller chains that skaters would wear. The hourglass form that constructs the design creates continuity and symmetry while enabling seamless movement in the pieces. The interlocking links make what OX describes as ‘4D Diamond jewelry,’ The result is a modern take on daily wear, classic diamond jewelry that is both soft, versatile, practical, and unlike any that has come before it.

Jessica showed her first design concepts to her brother Michael in 2016, and he immediately recognized her vision and its potential. With Michael’s help and the Fashion Law Pop-up Clinic, a pro bono legal clinic for creatives, Jessica began taking steps to protect her ideas. In 2020, OX was granted utility and design patent protection for the design. At this point, it was still a concept that had yet to be perfected, but after the patent was granted, the real work began. 

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To create a genuine heirloom, Jessica spent the next two years perfecting the manufacturing of the design, clasp, and movement. Meanwhile, together with Michael, they were busy developing and creating the OX brand. Michael came up with the name OX, a subtle nod to the design because when it faces up, it’s an “O,” but from the side, the hourglass form is an “X.” According to Jessica, “The word OX also aligned with an overarching principle of our brand – duality in harmony. We love the idea of opposites flowing together like Yin and Yang. Classic versus punk, day to night, genderless. It’s neither this nor that, but both. It’s both O, soft and fluid, and X, rigid and hard.” 

The brand’s approach to design is rooted in the idea of playful innovation. While what they create is highly engineered on a technical level, it’s also about creating something fun, playful, and flirty. The movement of the pieces is innovative, but its tactile nature is also sexy. “It’s still very much about sensuality and second skin. Something so tactile, it comes alive only on you,” Jessica explains. The brand’s debut video concept is a perfect example of this approach, where diamonds are paired with greasy pizza, resulting in paradoxical, cheeky, and sexy imagery. Jessica says, “diamonds are not just for a gala but also the comfort of your home,” an idea that shines through the brand imagery. OX continues to create thought-provoking imagery with their recent shoot by photographer Leo Bieber where jewelry is intertwined with a real octopus. It is very love-it-or-hate-it creative, but, according to Jessica, “It leaves an impression, and that is something important to us.”

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OX Jewelry is a concept collection that promises to release pieces that consistently excite through innovation. They debuted with the ring and bracelet and, most recently introduced the earrings. The earring, for example, is a classic dangle or edgy hoop. The 2in1 function is new, but the jewelry itself is timeless. Jessica says. “we want to expand on what is familiar and make it new.” 

According to Jessica, “It all comes back to my Grandmother, whom I first learned about jewelry at her antique store. She would say, “Speak to your jewelry. Go on, speak to them, and tell them how beautiful and special they are.” Her voice is in every piece of OX because choosing to wear OX is making it come alive as you wear it.”