Is Your Diamond Delivering Positive Energy?

Some swear by a natural diamond’s protective and healing powers.

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Zoë Chicco, Noor Fares, De Beers

It’s no wonder that the ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters from stars that fell from the sky. Just imagine what it was like when ancient peoples first spotted a glistening rough diamond among the rocks. It must have appeared supernatural.

Since time immemorial, man has believed that diamonds had cosmic energy. Ancient Egyptians believed diamonds represented the sun and signified power and courage. In India, they were considered divine objects and worn as talisman to ward off evil spirits. Other cultures thought that the stone’s brilliance meant that a diamond could illuminate the mind and provide clarity. Inherently the hardest natural substance, the Greeks named diamonds adamas or unconquerable, and wore them into battle as a symbol of strength and protection.

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Among the diamond’s devotees was Pliny the Elder, the first century A.D. Roman naturalist, who said: “The diamond has a greater value than any other human possession.” The wise man foretold the stone’s worldwide significance.

Thousands of years later, people still swear by a diamond’s cosmic energy and healing powers.

Obviously, there is more to a diamond than its sparkle. They were formed over billions of years beneath the Earth’s surface from intense pressure and heat. Made of pure carbon in a unique cubic crystal lattice structure, diamonds exhibit high thermal conductivity. Even in their natural state, the stones radiate a supernatural-looking inner glow.

“The diamond has a greater value than any other human possession.”

– Pliny the Elder
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“The diamond is an enchanting stone that is associated with the crown chakra and connected to divine energies,” said Noor Fares, the Lebanese born London-based jeweler, whose talismanic designs are inspired by mystical symbolism and ancient geometry.

Fares is a strong believer in a diamond’s energy, saying, the diamond is “an emblem of purity and perfection, yet being one of the hardest natural materials known to man, it brings strength and courage to the wearer.”

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She says the diamond’s energy amplifies the energy of other crystals and enhances their healing properties. That’s one reason nearly all her pieces feature diamonds. Among her expressive motifs is Sri Yantra, which features a diamond geometric pattern that is used in meditation to balance and focus the mind.

Diamonds In The Rough

We are used to seeing diamonds cut and polished to unleash their inherent sparkle and shine. But some designers, like Maya Bjørnsten, whose company is Rough Diamonds based in Copenhagen, prefer to leave them in natural state to optimize their energy.

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Every rough diamond, with its distinct imperfections and irregularities, she says, “tells a story of geological processes that unfolded deep within the Earth over millions of years.”

For Bjørnsten, the magic of the diamond emanates from rough stones: “The energy in the raw diamond is not in the design, but in each unique diamond,” she said. “They attract the differences in each unique person. This is how the energy begins. So, it is something which person can see or feel, it is an energy-related effected by all their unique properties.”

She designs unique pieces around the natural diamond’s shape. “It goes beyond mere aesthetics; it embodies a unique philosophy that intertwines nature’s raw beauty with human creativity. These uncut gems, untouched by the hands of artisans, symbolize the untamed essence of the Earth itself.”

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De Beers highlighted the diamond’s natural beauty in its signature 2005 Talisman collection, which paid tribute to the ancient tradition of wearing rough diamonds as a symbol of power and protection. Still a bestseller, Talisman designs showcase the stone’s raw beauty in kaleidoscope patterns on bold medallions and rings.

Multimedia artist Paris Kain uses diamonds in his philosophical jewelry designs, which are influenced by the Gnostic deity Abraxas, which is of mythological origins and in Jungian psychology, represents paradoxical conflict.

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That is expressed in pieces like the Callisto Ring featuring a meteorite set in 19-karat rose gold with Champagne diamonds. Combining elements from the earth, his pieces appear like natural rock formations. They are available at Carpenters Workshop Jewellery in London, New York, and Paris.

Diamond Magic

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Designer Moritz Glik prefers to see diamonds dancing free in his signature Kaleidoscope Shakers, which feature dozens of cut diamonds encased in sapphire crystal pendants and rings. “Diamonds bring positive energy,” says the New York-based designer. Because they are formed in the earth, he says they carry the earth’s energy.

After nearly 20 years making the diamond shakers, Glik continues to evolve the style with a mix of unique diamond cuts and colors in all kinds of shakers. The Snow Globe is a new style with 150 lose diamonds encased in a single pendant.

Do clients feel a diamond’s energy? Glik says they are mesmerized seeing the sparkling stones rolling around in jewelry. “It brings people happiness, and some say believe they have healing powers.” And these days, everyone is looking for good karma.