Natasha Tsimmerman Translates a Crown into a Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s all part of her mission to revive antique jewels.

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Can antique jewelry appeal to modern collectors? Natasha P. Tsimmerman is betting on it. Together with her brother Larry Platt, the Los Angeles-based designers have made it their mission to spread the love jewels from the past.

At their shop, Platt Boutique Jewelry, which is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary in business, treasures dating back over a 100 years continue to dictate how Natasha creates. She revels in, above all, offering a charming spin to all things old-world. “We like to take the time-tested master craftsmanship of antique handmade pieces and modernize them for the current times,” she says.

And that’s exactly the approach Natasha took when it came to her recent participation in the De Beers Group’s Ten/Ten initiative, which challenges independent designers to craft a commitment ring using an ethically sourced diamond as the center stone.  “I’m very honored to be part of this project.” Creating a ring that many people across the world will be able to look at and purchase reinforces her excitement. “It’s great to be part of such a meaningful project through De Beers, that also takes our name worldwide,” says Natasha.

Similar to the engagement rings in her Bespoke by Platt line, Natasha’s Ten/Ten vision was to celebrate the romance, craftsmanship and timelessness of the Victorian era—but in a contemporary way. “Here, we blend the old and the new,” she says.

For this particular project, the inspiration she was looking for came in the form of elaborate head ornaments, like crowns. “They are historic, they represent timelessness, they are beautiful, romantic and so much more,” says Natasha, a lover of all things Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian.

In Natasha’s Crown Ring, you can see stylized renderings of miniature Victorian crown motifs and 12 prongs that surround its stunning oval-shaped natural diamond sourced responsibly from Botswana. “It takes time, patience and artistry to make a setting this elaborate where each of the prongs beautifully and perfectly cover the diamond,” she says. In striking contrast to its intricate bezel setting, the 18 karat yellow gold ring has a minimalist gold band. “We felt it added a modern twist; it does make the ring look special,” she says. “Engagement rings,” says Natasha, “represent commitment, family and love—and crowns signify strength and longevity.” Natasha’s new-age heirloom certainly succeeds at connecting the past with the present. The ‘Crown’ commitment rings from Platt Boutique Jewelry, designed for the Ten/Ten project will be sold exclusively on Blue Nile in January 2021.