Introducing MIRACO: Where Fine Jewelry Meets Accessibility

Samira Baraki’s new fine diamond jewelry and lifestyle label
MIRACO is the fresh, up-and-coming brand to know

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In an online world where the jewelry landscape has grown significantly in the last few years, the true essence of quality and craftsmanship can sometimes be lost amidst endless choices. On the other end of the spectrum, the luxury jewelry world can seem like an exclusive realm, with price tags that only a select few can comfortably afford. Enter MIRACO – a new fine diamond jewelry and lifestyle brand that brings together the worlds of luxury and accessibility.

Behind the brilliance of MIRACO is Samira Baraki, the founder & CEO, whose journey from Ethiopian roots and the suburbs of Chicago shaped her identity as a first-generation American. Her travels in 2022 led her to an Istanbul jewelry atelier, where she discovered pieces that would change her life. After purchasing the pieces and bringing them home, she had them appraised by her local jeweler. To her surprise, the appraisal value of these acquisitions exceeded her expectations. At that moment, Samira recognized the immense potential to offer fine jewelry of exceptional value and quality to a more inclusive market that reflected all the different types of people who could wear it.

Samira Baraki, MIRACO Founder & CEO

Growing up, Samira observed the inaccessibility of many leading luxury brands for most people and their lack of representation for diverse groups. Thus, MIRACO was born – a brand that marries Samira’s passion for jewelry and design with her desire to fill a void of authenticity, inclusivity, and diversity in the industry. For Samira, MIRACO isn’t just about jewelry; it’s a celebration of individuality and a testament to the idea that luxury should be accessible to everyone. Samira told Only Natural Diamonds that she “always loved expressing myself and my Ethiopian heritage through jewelry and the idea of investing in pieces that I can pass down to future generations. I’m excited to introduce MIRACO as it represents a new chapter in luxury that is made for everyone to see them in.”

What distinguishes MIRACO is their dedication to crafting bold, elevated natural diamond jewelry that strikes a chord with individuals from all walks of life and is offered at accessible prices. They’re writing their own rules, breaking down barriers to entry without compromising on the highest standards of quality that Samira fell in love with in Istanbul. Each MIRACO creation is a testament to timeless design built to last a lifetime. MIRACO’s approach is made possible by its strategic partnership with jewelry artisans in Istanbul and Milan. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these existing experts, MIRACO transcends the constraints that often limit other new brands and enables them to offer accessible price points, opening the door to aspirational luxury for a broader audience.

Courtesy of MIRACO
Courtesy of MIRACO

At the heart of MIRACO’s philosophy is using only the finest materials, primarily solid 14K gold and natural diamonds. This meticulous material selection ensures that every piece embodies heirloom quality and defies fleeting trends and fast fashion. Samira explained that their “pieces are handcrafted in Milan and Istanbul, incorporating real diamonds and other precious stones into our designs driven by the long-term value they offer. Working with Kimberly-certified natural diamonds is intentional and a major priority for our brand.”

Courtesy of MIRACO

It’s MIRACO’s vision that each piece becomes an extension of the wearer, a reflection of their individuality, and an expression of their unique style. In a world where quality can be inclusive, MIRACO is poised to take on the fine jewelry world, making adornments for all that are symbols of empowerment, authenticity, and beauty.