Jules Kim of Bijules Shares The Inspiration Behind Her Natural Diamond Designs

Finding and building a supportive community is a guiding principle for Bijules designer, Jules Kim.

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Jules Kim, the founder of jewelry brand Bijules, brings her childhood nostalgia into everything she does in her adult life as a designer. Her first memory of a diamond is even rooted in childhood nostalgia when she and her twin sister found a diamond ring in their backyard at a family pig roast.

“When I talk about picking up diamonds at a pig roast, I’m talking about a basic human experience that you then relay and convey into elegance,” the designer explains to OND.

Photo credit: instagram.com/bijules

With a background in music and the DJ scene, Kim is committed to playing with high and low by being able to “convey what the underground is doing and upscale it into the luxury community,” she says.

A member of Radiance by COUTURE, a showcase of capsule collections created by 13 BIPOC designers, Kim presented her capsule collection at the COUTURE show in Las Vegas in June 2022. The pieces featured diamonds with De Beers’ Code of Origin, an inscribed, microscopic code on that diamond that provides assurance that it is natural and conflict-free, recovered in Botswana, Canada, Namibia, or South Africa, where it created positive impacts for people and the planet.

Photo credit: instagram.com/bijules

With her edgy and bold jewelry worn by Beyoncé, Cardi B, and Doja Cat, Kim is creating products that speak to jewelry’s origin and future. “We’re not going to be stuck in the past,” Kim passionately says. “We really want to build the future based on this community.”

Learn more about the designer’s beginnings and where she hopes to go next in the full video interview above.