Juan Soto’s Icebox Diamond Necklace is Fit for a Baseball Legend

The pendant features VVS diamonds and the champion’s signature Soto Shuffle.

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juan soto shuffle diamond necklace icebox
Photo Credit: Youtube.com/Icebox

Washington Nationals baseball player Juan Soto already has a World Series ring in his jewelry collection, but one of his latest diamond pieces is a necklace that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Fans of the star can spot his signature Soto Shuffle—a move he does between pitches as he gears up to hit a home run—whenever he’s at bat, and the shuffle has now been set in stone thanks to a dazzling diamond pendant crafted by Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta.

According to The Washington Post, creation of the pendant began in March, and the design is set in 14kt white gold and features 4 carats of natural VVS diamonds. The piece also features eye-catching details, like a baseball bat and shin guards set in yellow gold. The back of the piece is engraved with Soto’s jersey number (22) and “WS 2019” to commemorate the Nationals’ World Series title.

juan soto shuffle diamond necklace icebox
Juan Soto wearing his Soto Shuffle diamond necklace. Photo Credit: Icebox Diamonds & Watches
juan soto shuffle diamond necklace icebox
Photo Credit: Icebox Diamonds & Watches
juan soto shuffle diamond necklace icebox engraving
Photo Credit: Icebox Diamonds & Watches

“Baseball is just getting bigger every day. More and more people are wearing chains on the field,” Icebox co-owner Mo Jooma tells Soto when the MLB star visited the Atlanta shop to pick up his custom pendant. In a video posted to Icebox’s popular YouTube channel, the Icebox team presents Soto with the blinged out necklace crafted in his likeness before giving him a tour of their manufacturing area and decking him out in more natural diamond jewelry. In the video, Soto instantly loves the piece, vowing to wear it on the field, though he expressed concerns about diamonds potentially falling out while playing. “Our pieces are crafted to last a lifetime, you can pass them down for generations,” Zahir Jooma explains to Soto, adding “Our diamonds won’t fall out! Our diamond setting is much different than anywhere else!”

True to his word, Soto wore the one-of-a-kind natural diamond pendant during a match with the Atlanta Braves just hours after he received the custom design, and even hit a home run while debuting the necklace.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Nationals

The next time you tune into a Washington Nationals game, keep an eye out for Soto’s signature move and his dazzling diamond good luck charm.