Behind the Design of Jemma Wynne’s New Escalator Collection

A reminder to forge ahead fearlessly and embrace the challenges to lead to success.

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Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin of Jemma Wynne just released a brand new motif that is sure to stop shoppers in their tracks: Meet the Escalator Collection. Each piece is crafted using 18-karat gold and natural diamonds, from rings and bracelets to chokers and hoops.

We got a chance to catch up with Klatt and Lalin to talk about the collection, the inspiration behind their designs, and why using natural diamonds is important to the Jemma Wynne brand ethos. Ahead, get to know the women behind the brand and what makes the Escalator motif so special.

Only Natural Diamonds: Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?

Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne: We drew inspiration from escalators in both their literal form and their metaphorical symbolism. Escalators embody the concept of elevation, literally propelling us upward, offering a sense of rising momentum, progress, and the continuous evolution of the self.

This sentiment is captured through an interplay of materials and design elements: Geometric forms handcrafted in 18 karat gold reminiscent of the steps are juxtaposed with precious diamonds, representing personal growth and the triumphs achieved along life’s journey.

OND: How would you describe the Jemma Wynne woman/customer?

JK and SW: Jemma Wynne jewelry is made for the woman who wants something that’s sophisticated but with an air of ease. She has a strong fashion sensibility and looks for pieces that strike a perfect balance between being unique and wearable. Most importantly, she appreciates quality craftsmanship and the weightiness of a well-made piece of jewelry.

OND: Tell us about the diamonds used in the collection? Why do you use natural?

JK and SW: Round brilliants and diamond baguettes pave the 18 karat gold steps of our Escalator pieces, and as with all of the stones we use they are 100% natural. We feel that part of what makes fine jewelry feel luxurious is the way that materials from our very own earth are transformed into something new and beautiful. Diamonds take billions of years to form, and it’s very grounding and awe-inspiring to think that while we are such a small part of their lifetime, they often play such an important part of our personal legacy.

Escalator Diamond Shield Talisman Necklace
Escalator Diamond Bullet Talisman Necklace

OND: What draws you to design pieces using unique cuts like the bullet and shield-cut diamond necklaces?

JK and SW: We have always loved incorporating interesting diamond shapes into our work, and shields in particular have become one of our most requested alternative cuts. The hunt for these stones is always exciting, because they’re not as readily available in the market as classic round diamonds. Many of the larger unique cuts we use are sourced from antique dealers and we love that added element of history that those stones give our pieces. This also means that the pieces are inherently one-of-a-kind, making them even more special.

OND: What does luxury mean to you?

JK and SW: Luxury is the product of a synergy between quality, timelessness, and comfort. The most luxurious jewelry is the result of thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship. It’s not overdone, and rather feels effortless when worn – like a second skin.

OND: How would you describe the perfect “everyday diamond” piece?

JK and SW: The perfect everyday diamond piece is timeless and transitional. It can be worn alone or layered, and styled both casually or formally. What that exact piece looks like is dependent on the wearer. While it could be something as simple as a pair of diamond studs for some, many women are expanding their notion on what an everyday piece is and are embracing more impactful silhouettes like our Escalator Necklaces and Link Bracelets.