IVAR Puts A Modern Spin on Natural Diamonds at New Flagship

Jewelry designer Ritika Ravi opens store featuring beautiful elements and influences of Indian culture

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Photo Credit: IVAR

Hailing from India, IVAR designer and founder Ritika Ravi takes inspiration from her culture and traveling, incorporating vibrant colors into fine jewelry pieces, which she says are meant to be worn every day. The modern spin she puts on traditional techniques has been well translated into IVAR’s sophisticated and chic store that just opened on the Upper East Side of New York City. Nestled between Madison and Fifth Avenues on 73rd Street, it marks the first North American flagship for IVAR. 

Photo Credit: Ivar

The design of the Upper East Side store is inspired by one of Ravi’s favorite travel destinations, the Maldives, where IVAR first launched and opened its very first store in 2019. The new location is meant to embody the serenity of the Maldives as well as the warmth of the sunshine. 

Ravi also made sure the New York flagship included elements and influences of Indian culture by including an aged wooden sculpture of the Tree of Life, which was handmade in India. According to Hindu mythology, the immortal Banyan tree represents personal development, growth, uniqueness and individual beauty. It is also a powerful symbol of new beginnings. 

Specializing in natural diamonds, IVAR offers a plethora of unique and interesting designs, such as the Charu Zero 4 ring, which is studded with natural diamonds on its sides rather than the front and is meant to be worn multiple ways. 

Chauru Zero 4 ring Photo Credit: IVAR

Next time you find yourself in the area, be sure to check out the new store and shop for incredible natural diamonds at IVAR.