In the Mood for Love: Heart-Shaped Natural Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas

Meet the latest objects of our affection, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

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heart shaped natural diamond jewelry valentine's day

What says “I adore you” like a heart? The eternal and universal symbol of passion and love knows no bounds and has been reiterated in jewelry countless times over. Of course, when the motif comes in the form of a sparkling natural diamond, the sweet sentiment is amplified and there’s even a poetic connection to a certain mascot of love.

“Natural diamonds have been linked to love since their discovery,” shares Grant Mobley, Jewelry and Watch Editor for the Natural Diamond Council. “In ancient mythology, Cupid’s arrows were even tipped in diamonds. Natural diamonds’ link to love led diamond cutters to develop the heart-shaped cut very early in the history of diamond cutting.”

A variation of the brilliant round cut, a heart-cut diamond is not only revered for its symbolism, but also because of the precision that is required to achieve symmetry. “The heart-shaped diamond has been around since the 1400s, in the early days of diamond cutting,” Mobley continues. “It is among the most difficult cuts and doing it well requires an expert that specializes in cutting only that shape.” 

For Valentine’s Day and beyond, natural diamond heart jewelry is the ultimate expression of devotion whether to yourself or a special someone…and a meaningful way to celebrate love in all forms.

Heart-Shaped Natural
Diamond Pendants

You simply can’t go wrong with a charming heart-shaped diamond pendant. A welcome addition to any jewelry box, it suits a range of style aesthetics from minimalist to maximalist (amongst her showstopper pieces, Elizabeth Taylor also wore a relatively discreet diamond heart pendant). Whether you prefer a delicate solitaire, one suspended on a chunky chain, or a playful design, it’s a darling way to spread the love to your layers. 

Heart-Shaped Natural
Diamond Rings

Send your dearly beloved a hidden message by way of natural diamonds. At first glance, Robinson Pelham’s gold and diamond ring may look like an artistic rendition of an eternity band, but the mixed cut stones cleverly translate to “Eye Love You.” Designs with multiple hearts, such as Reza’s stunning take on the toi et moi ring (with 9.79ct of brilliant diamonds), can also serve to represent the close bond you share with loved ones.

A Gift For Your BFFs

Don’t forget about your best galentines! Thank them for always being there for you with a chic friendship bracelet. 770 Fine Jewelry’s mixed chain and silk cord bracelets accented with a bezel-set heart diamond are an everyday wrist accessory they will cherish.

Unique Heart-Shaped
Natural Diamond Jewelry

heart shaped natural diamond jewelry valentine's day
Katherine Jetter Diamond Love Necklace
heart shaped natural diamond jewelry valentine's day
Grace Lee Heart Column Ring

Hearts aren’t required to be strictly saccharine either. When cast in modern metal settings and unexpected designs, a heart-shaped stone becomes a sleek and sophisticated way to infuse a little wink into your collection.

Heart-Shaped Colored
Natural Diamond Jewelry

Dreamy colored natural diamonds are another way to make an impact. Behold the radiant yellow diamond that Retrovai nestles in a notched yellow gold bezel, while The One I Love complements a chocolate diamond heart with a polished band that echoes the feminine silhouette of the stone.

Heart-Shaped Natural
Diamond Engagement Rings

The unabashedly romantic may gravitate towards the fancy cut for the grandest gesture of them all: the proposal. A heart-cut diamond engagement ring is just as unique as a couple’s love story. Go the classic route and let it shine as a statement-making solitaire or framed with a halo to declare your love. To dial up the whimsy, opt for a special setting like Anthony Lent’s Adorned Hands or even an eternity band featuring twinkling heart diamonds.

However you choose to wear your natural diamond love token, it’s an endearing reminder that you have captured someone’s heart.

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