How Two Men Started Diamond Jewelry Collections for Their Husbands

Only Natural Diamonds Editor-in-Chief Sam Broekema and in-house jewelry expert Grant Mobley share their favorite pieces and tips on starting a diamond jewelry collection for your man…or yourself!

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Photography by Vincenzo Dimino


Sam Broekema, Editor in Chief, Only Natural Diamonds: There is no wrong way to wear natural diamonds. Except to not wear them.

Both my husband and I tend to go for the classic, the minimal and maybe even the beige. I proposed with a vintage watch from the middle of the century that is admired for its simple lines and utilitarian approach to design. My friend Alison Chemla of Alison Lou made our yellow gold wedding rings, and they are barely thick enough to manage an engraving of our wedding date and initials; neither features a single diamond. I am embarrassed to say that those two items are the extent of the jewelry I have gifted my spouse, not only since our marriage, but ever since we met. Now I find myself immersed in jewels and diamond jewelry to such an extent that this feels inappropriate—if not unacceptable.

In honor of June’s Pride Month, I’ve jumped headfirst into a search for a natural diamond jewelry collection for a man who doesn’t wear jewelry. Joining me on this journey is our diamond and jewelry expert, Grant Mobley who lives with his own husband on the opposite side of the jewelry spectrum. Both have an enviable collection of diamonds and, thank you to similar wrist sizes, they have twice the fun and twice the collection.

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Grant Mobley: Like Sam, my husband and I began on the more minimal side when it came to accessorizing. We were usually seen with no more than a watch—maybe a small chain, and no more than one ring, if any. I have been immersed in the fine jewelry world for most of my life, and my appreciation and love for fine jewelry have always been there. I rarely personally indulged because it didn’t seem a fit for me. But that changed slowly when I saw how other men were accessorizing.

When I wore the occasional small piece of jewelry, others would compliment and ask me about my pieces constantly. Gay, straight or otherwise, who doesn’t love a good compliment? My husband’s first piece of fine jewelry was the simple diamond eternity band I made him for a wedding band. He somewhat reluctantly wore it because I think he couldn’t picture himself as a man who wore much jewelry. I like to think of that diamond eternity band as his gateway drug to the world of fine jewelry because as soon as people began to mention his diamond band, asking the story behind it and saying how much they loved it, I think he was hooked. It wasn’t long before he would see pieces he wanted for himself, and before you knew it, we built a beautiful collection together that we are lucky enough to be able to share. Nothing curbs the guilt of buying yourself diamonds better than acting like it’s also a gift for your spouse.

Having worked with Sam for a few months, his appreciation for diamond jewelry is clear. It is also clear that he is more and more interested in starting to build a diamond jewelry collection for himself, as well as gifting diamonds to his husband. Nothing compares to the feeling of gifting diamond jewelry, knowing you are giving an heirloom that will be around forever. Although, if Sam is anything like me and can share pieces with his husband, gifting is the perfect excuse to expand your diamond jewelry collection too.

Start a Men’s Diamond Jewelry Collection with These 5 Pieces

mens diamond chain mens diamond jewelry collection
925 Suneera

A great chain is a must-have piece. This blackened gold chain with touches of yellow from 925 Suneera is length adjustable, and it can go with anything. This diamond pendant from 925 Suneera is set with earth-toned natural color diamonds so it’s not very flashy and the other is small enough with a more subtle border of white diamonds. Pendants can be interchangeable. You can wear one by itself or multiple pendants together and when you work up to a few in your collection things will never get boring.

mens diamond jewelry collection pieces
Pat Flynn

This piece from Pat Flynn is made in iron and gold and set with diamonds. This bracelet feels every day enough that it could be the one part of your bracelet stack that doesn’t change.

Yeprem mens diamond leather bracelet mens diamond jewelry collection

This leather bracelet from Yeprem mixes leather and fine jewelry with white gold, black diamonds and an accent of white diamonds for a touch of flash. This style bracelet is casual or dressy and can be worn every day or you can throw it on just to elevate your outfit occasionally; the perfect addition to any mens diamond jewelry collection.

Nikos Koulis Mens necklace mens diamond jewelry collection
Nikos Koulis

SB: This Nikos Koulis Oui Necklace is a white gold riviere with oval white diamonds and black enamel. It’s like an eternity band… but for your neck. The black enamel offsets the sparkle of the diamonds as a chic take on black tie. 

Forevermark diamond bangle mens diamond jewelry collection

The Forevermark Avaanti Closed Bangle in yellow gold with a diamond is discreet enough for any man starting their diamond jewelry collection, but shiny enough to satisfy any jewelry fix.