Heart Jewelry, 2.0

Yes, you can buy love – especially with one of these stylish diamond-studded heart designs

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Photography by Lara Jade

Rings from left to right: Luisa Alexander, Eriness

After a crazy and unpredictable year, Valentine’s Day is proving more meaningful than ever. Whether you’re feeling the love for someone special or for yourself (something we’re completely on board with) this holiday is the perfect opportunity to indulge in heart jewelry. Forget about the classics, designers have reimagined hearts in playful, bold and edgy styles that will last well beyond February 14 – even if the romance fizzles.


Diamond Heart Jewelry: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Similar to how elements of 80s and 90s style have returned to the forefront of fashion, heart jewelry is back and better than ever. From established brands like Chopard and De Beers to artistic independent designers like Katey Brunini, the newest designs trade the Victorian hearts of yesteryear for bold, graphic shapes that impart a cool vibe, especially when set with glittering natural diamonds.

Rings from left to right: Luisa Alexander, Eriness. Necklace charms from left to right: W.Rosado, Nikos Koulis, Anna Maccieri, Rossi, Elena Votsi, Elie Top, Sylva & Cie., Christina Alexiou, Nancy Newberg, Buddha Mama, Lorraine West
From left to right: Above: Carolina Bucci, Below: SHAY Jewelry Gold hearts ring, Carolina Bucci, SHAY Jewelry

The Perfect Layering Piece 

Heart charms add a playful spirit to the layered necklace story. Go bold with a chunky gold link chain and a big statement heart charm. Or layer on thin chains of varying lengths with a heart pendant that is close to the neck so everyone can see it. Some of the best and brightest heart charms are covered in diamonds or have one center sparkler.

From top of the neck to the bottom: Small hearts necklace: Anita Ko, Middle necklace: Stephen Russell, Bottom large heart necklace: Jenna Blake, Ring: Stephen Russell

Trade Sweetness for Strength

New heart designs are empowering talismans. With their exaggerated points and modified striking shapes, these heart designs are a far cry from the sweet girly symbols we know. Take, for example, Sylva & Cie’s elongated heart charm covered in white diamonds, which feels way more hard rock than saccharine, or Christina Alexiou’s heart charm featuring an evil eye with a diamond center.

So this Valentine’s Day and beyond, don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve—or better yet, around your neck, wrists, fingers or dangling from your ears.

Whether you choose a chunky Marla Aaron diamond heart necklace, bold Carolina Bucci diamond heart ring or awe-inspiring pair of diamond Chopard heart earrings, let your heart jewelry represent your powerful, modern vision of love, strength and femininity.