Hailey Bieber Has Been Dabbling In Designing Natural Diamond Jewelry

The model and skincare mogul collaborated with
Alex Moss on her big B and Justin’s mushroom pendant

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Hailey Bieber’s natural diamond B initial pendant has been impossible to overlook during the last couple of months. It’s become something of an internet sensation or you could say obsession. One reason for the intense interest is the in-your-face quality of the jewel. The B is much bigger than the gold and diamond designs the stylish model and Rhode founder usually layers.

Another reason for the B’s fame is its constant high-profile exposure. Hailey didn’t borrow the jewel for one event. She owns it and has been wearing it perpetually since she debuted the design on Instagram in August.

When Hailey traveled to New York later in the month to promote Rhode’s Strawberry Glaze among other products, she put the piece on for most of her appearances. The jewel had a national audience with Hailey on Good Morning America. At Coco Gauff’s match during the US Open Tennis Tournament, the jewel received screen time when ESPN cameras cut away to Hailey wearing it in the stands seated next to Justin Bieber.

Instagram @haileybieber

While the TV coverage obviously added to the B’s celebrity, it’s quite possible the majority of the jewel’s fame came from a meme. During one outing in the Big Apple, Hailey paired the B with an Ermanno Scervino red cocktail dress for a meal with Justin who was casually outfitted in a grey hoodie with coordinating shorts, yellow crocs and a pink baseball cap. It became the meme of contrasting ideas, Instagram versus reality type of thing.

At this high-profile point, no one knew who made the B, but lots of people had theories

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Now that the designer has been revealed to be Alex Moss, I feel like I should’ve been able to figure it out. The 31-year-old New York-based jeweler, who established his business in 2020, has quickly become a go-to favorite for hip hop artists with something different in mind. Alex is the designer behind Drake’s Previous Engagements diamond necklace and A$AP Rocky’s diamond and ruby Grim Belt Buckle

 “I have to give Hailey all the credit for the idea of the B,” explains the jeweler. “She told me her vision of a bubble letter; I thought of it like an inflatable birthday balloon.” 

Alex said the hardest part about making the approximately 1-½ inch tall gold pendant, which is suspended from a 16-inch gold chain, was setting the diamonds. “If you look closely at the piece, you can see stones inside of the rounded parts,” explains Alex. “Setting diamonds on a curve is a challenge.”

Something you can’t see in the special jewel is the bail of the pendant. Generally speaking, pendant bails (open gold loops) are placed at the top of a jewel. A chain necklace slides through the bail opening and it connects the two items. Alex hid the bail behind the B on Hailey’s jewel, so the letter would have clean lines. It’s a small detail that elevates and refines the appearance of the B. “Because a lot of my clients are men, people don’t see the range of what I can do,” explains Alex. “It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed working with Hailey.” 

Once the B was completed, Alex got into the spirit of the bubble letters and designed a diamond J ring for Hailey. Just by the nature of being a ring, the J gets less exposure than the B, but she has been wearing it. You can see it in some of Hailey’s recent Tik Toks when she is taking mirror selfies and putting on Rhode lip treatments.

TikTok @haileybieber
Hailey Bieber’s diamond “J” ring. Instagram @haileybieber

It practically goes without saying Hailey was overjoyed with her initial jewels from Alex Moss. In addition to wearing her pieces all the time, the proof comes in the fact that she returned to the jeweler to collaborate on a surprise fifth-anniversary gift for Justin.

Once again, she wanted something made in the bubble format. While the twosome talked about doing another initial, they moved on to a set of diamond and gem-set mushroom pendants with five round gems on the caps symbolizing the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. Why a mushroom? Hailey didn’t say. 

Instagram @alexmoss

Traditionally mushrooms symbolize a variety of things including being a talisman of good luck. That idea certainly could have played into Hailey’s decision to give Justin the pair of mushrooms.

Then again, the look of the jewels also fits his style. The pastel colors of the yellow and blue diamonds that cover the caps of the two mushrooms echo the pastels Justin often wears like the pink hat and yellow crocs he had on in the meme photo. 

Instagram @justinbieber

When Justin received the mushroom pendants from Hailey, he wore the one with blue diamonds right away. In a couple of the galleries of images on his Instagram, he can be seen in the mushroom repeatedly. In one photo the mushroom motif is echoed in a big mushroom on his shirt. 

While the Biebers may not always sartorially align now, thanks to the designs Hailey conceived and collaborated on with Alex Moss, their diamond jewelry is in sync.