Fringe Diamond Jewelry is Back | Live From COUTURE

A throwback favorite is ready for a return.

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It’s a rare adornment that gets a seal of approval from Jazz Age flappers, urban cowboys and TikTok creators in equal measure, but fringe fits the bill. Those lengths of swinging, swaying strands are universally appealing and signal playful sophistication. Happily, they’re back on everyone’s style radar, even when it comes to jewelry. Add diamonds to the equation and the allure of fringe only multiplies; it has movement—especially when dancing the night away—that accentuates the brilliance of diamonds.

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Long dangling earrings instantly come to mind as an essential option among fringe-flaunting jewels: extra long shoulder dusters are a dramatic flourish for after-five dressing and short fringed earrings are a flirtatious accent that elevates the look of casual clothes. Bib necklaces with lengths of diamonds have a va-va-voom Vegas vibe. And a ring with a lovely drape of diamonds is a subtle way to wear fringe that feels personal. Plus who wouldn’t want to toy with a scattering of diamonds at their fingertips? Cuff bracelets that trail soft fringes of diamonds feel as good against the skin as they look.

Don’t hesitate if a fringed jewel makes your heart skip a beat. The trend may be white-hot right now, but it’s also a classic in any era. No one should go without jewelry that practically guarantees a get-happy attitude.

Fringe Diamond Ring

Graziela Gems diamond fringe ring.

Fringe Diamond Earrings

Misahara Unity Sprinkle earrings in white diamonds and black diamond beads in 18K white gold.
Penny Preville

Fringe Diamond Necklace

Sethi Couture Fringe Multi-Color Diamond Necklace