Exclusive: Ana de Armas Celebrates Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative

The star hosted an evening highlighting new diamond jewelry collections from top emerging designers.

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Photography by Vincenzo Dimino

ana de armas eddi Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative

An alluring and mysterious Bond girl. A well-meaning caretaker caught in a dysfunctional family drama. A world-class CIA agent hunting the Gray Man. Ana de Armas has transformed into many iconic characters throughout her career.

And in 2022, Ana is set to play Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, a biopic based on Joyce Carol Oates’s novel about the famous bombshell and the darker sides of her rise to fame. “Fame is what made Marilyn the most visible person in the world, but it also made Norma the most invisible,” Ana says of bringing Marilyn to life on screen. “We wanted to tell the human side of her story.”

Ana will of course be recreating Marilyn Monroe’s famous “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but in the meantime, the star is playing a role closer to home as the ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds and a supporter of the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative

The Emerging Designers Diamond initiative seeks to amplify BIPOC designers working in the fine jewelry industry and aid in overcoming the inequalities and challenges they have faced.

Malyia McNaughton participated in the first group of designers that launched the program, and crafted the stunning starburst pendant de Armas wore in the global For Moments Like No Other campaign. A passionate supporter of BIPOC brands and initiatives, de Armas hosted an event to introduce the next group of designers in the program. She sat down with OND for an exclusive interview about the program and her time as an ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds.

Read on for Only Natural Diamonds’ exclusive interview with de Armas.

Ana de Armas wearing jewelry by Dorian Webb and Heart the Stone.

“It feels like every day is a good occasion to wear diamonds.” 

Ana de Armas

How has your time as Only Natural Diamonds ambassador changed the way you wear jewelry?

Ana de Armas: It’s been a couple of years of learning. At the beginning I had this notion that the way we think about diamonds is not the way diamonds are and what their process is. For me, it was a surprise because I didn’t really know. So it definitely changed the way I choose and approach the brands that I want to use, how I shop, and what I’m looking for. I used to think I had to wait for a special occasion to wear diamonds—the red carpet, an event, a festival—and give it back the next morning. Now I feel like I just wear diamonds on a daily basis. I’ve incorporated diamonds into my every day on a smaller scale. It feels way more approachable; I don’t even take them off to go to bed. It feels like every day is a good occasion to wear diamonds. 

ana de armas eddi Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative casey perez artifact
Ana de Armas with Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative participant Casey Perez of Casey Perez Jewelry
Ana de Armas with Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative participant Lana Ogilvie of Sabre Jewelry
Ana de Armas with Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative participant Ruben Manuel of Ruben Manuel Designs

So many women have discovered the satisfaction of buying themselves diamond jewelry to celebrate their own achievements.  Is there a piece of jewelry that you have your eye on to celebrate your recent amazing roles?

ADA: There is this one piece from Constance of Birthright Foundry. She has this pearl necklace with a big tiered piece in the middle that’s gold with diamonds. It’s gorgeous. It’s so modern but still made in the way that pearls should be worn. That’s why it’s so important to support younger people: because they come up with new ideas and reinterpretations of pieces and jewelry that are just the way we are supposed to wear them. 

You have supported the Natural Diamond Council’s Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative since its inception. How has that changed the way you wear and shop for jewelry?

ADA: I think it’s so cool that the industry is doing this. As a minority, I remember back when all I wanted was to be in a room with people to say what I wanted to say and show what I had to offer. And to find someone that pushes you to do that, that is a mentor that encourages you to go back to your roots. To be able to show your own version of things I think is so important and refreshing. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t hear of these super talented people. So I think it’s incredible.

The latest EDDI participants L-R: Lana Ogilvie, Corey Anthony Jones, Mckenzie Liautaud, Ruben Manuel, Casey Perez and Halle Millien

Is there a piece of jewelry that you’ve worn in the campaigns that you are still thinking about?

ADA: There were these incredible hoops, diamonds that were all around. Those were stunning and gorgeous.

Do you have a go-to piece of diamond jewelry that brings you luck?

ADA: I have medium-sized eternity hoops with little diamonds all around that were probably one of the first times I spent money on myself. And I thought I lost them because of so much traveling and suitcases unpacking all over the place. Recently, this friend who I stayed with found a little carry-on suitcase with chargers and things, and the earrings were there! When I found them, I truly felt like, oh my gosh, I found my thing. I’ve been wearing them all summer, actually. I don’t know if good luck is what it is, but I definitely feel really good about these.