Drake’s $13 Million Necklace Is An Ode To What Could Have Been

Each stone representing a natural diamond engagement ring.

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Drake has just made the ultimate “Rich Flex.” The Grammy-winning rapper has purchased a lariat-style natural diamond necklace made of 42 large diamonds, inspired by the times he wanted to propose but didn’t. Each gem represents a natural diamond engagement ring that could have been. 

The jaw-dropping necklace took 14 months to make and features 42 natural diamonds of various shapes, including round, Asscher, emerald, and pear shapes. The diamonds are set in 18kt white gold, with the central diamond slightly larger than the others. In total, the diamonds weigh 351.38 carats, meaning each stone is over 8 carats and the larger central stone at least 10 carats. 

Assuming “Drake” levels of quality in each diamond, the price tag for the necklace is easily $13 million. The necklace was made by New York jeweler Alex Moss, who unveiled the piece on his Instagram in a video showing the details of the natural diamond necklace in a beautiful, custom-made box also set with natural diamonds that make up the jeweler’s “AM” logo.

The jeweler also included the caption “New piece titled ‘Previous Engagements’ for all the times he thought about it but never did it. 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.” Each natural diamond, though different shapes, is matched to perfection and is the result of countless hours of work and selection, of which Drake played a part. It is certainly a work of art and among the largest of its kind.

The rarity of each diamond in this necklace cannot be overstated, and as diamond quality and size increase, their rarity goes up exponentially. To put the rarity in perspective, all polished natural diamonds 5 carats and over recovered in a year would only fill one basketball. Every natural diamond in this necklace is larger than 5 carats, meaning finding every rough diamond to make this necklace could have required years of exploration.

Drake is no stranger to an epic diamond moment having received notable pieces from Jacob & Co. and Jason of Beverly Hills

Drake has been linked to stars such as Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Julia Fox, and SZA. If the “certified lover boy” had gone through with the proposals, these ladies would have been rocking some major bling considering each diamond in this necklace is at least 8 carats.