Diamonds in the Stars: Taurus

It’s Taurus season! We’re celebrating the zodiac sign, known for intelligence and dedication, with these diamond jewelry pieces.

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Taurus, the third sign of the zodiac known for its dependability, intelligence and dedication begins April 20th.

In honor of its season, the Natural Diamond Council, in partnership Dossé-Via, presents its latest installment of “Diamonds in the Stars,” a celebration of zodiac-themed jewelry made by many of today’s independent jewelers.

So, here’s lookin’ at you, Taurus; Dossé-Via’s captivating edit and insights for you await. Here you’ll find the best diamond jewelry for those born under the Taurus astrological sign, whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a special jewelry gift idea. And don’t forget to check back as we round out our series with each unique sign of the zodiac.

 Dossé-Via wearing Taurus Zodiac diamond jewelry.
Dossé-Via wearing Anita Ko and Jacquie Aiche pendant, with Tara Hirshberg earrings
 Dossé-Via wearing Taurus Zodiac diamond jewelry.
Dossé-Via wearing Tara Hirshberg earrings

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Anita Ko Dossé-Via Taurus Zodiac diamond necklace
David Webb Taurus Zodiac diamond necklace
Jade Trau Taurus Zodiac diamond charm
Milamore Taurus Zodiac diamond earring
Sydney Evan Taurus Zodiac diamond bracelet
Tara Hirshberg Taurus Zodiac diamond earring