Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for Every Life Occasion

Whether celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of a child or just because, these unique diamond jewelry gifts bring joy to anyone who receives them.

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Every natural diamond is one-of-a-kind, timeless and possesses a value—both emotional and financial. It’s for these reasons that they have long stood as the most coveted gemstone when it comes to gifts given by the most discerning individuals. Aglow with symbolism and distinctiveness, a diamond jewelry gift is the ultimate way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, the birth of a child—or really, any and every occasion you can imagine. Think about it: Who wouldn’t be completely joyful to open a box with a forever white gem glittering inside?

The wide range of  diamond qualities as defined by the 4 Cs of diamonds—cuts, colors, clarity and carats—makes for endless gift options; if a diamond is on your agenda, you’re bound to find a style that perfectly suits the person for whom it is intended.

From classic to contemporary, these are some of our favorite diamond gift ideas right now:

Diamond Jewelry for Dating & Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating a significant dating or wedding milestone? A gift boasting natural diamonds conveys your enduring commitment like no other. Favored styles include diamond stud earrings, heart pendant necklaces, drop earrings, tennis bracelets, and bands. Discover just a few that will make your special someone truly light up:

Heart pendant necklace adorned with pavé diamonds set in 14k gold

Sydney Evans Diamond Heart Necklace, $1,925

A diamond heart necklace says it all, and is the type of gift that will never go out of style. Available in two chain lengths, featuring pavé diamonds complimented by yellow gold, it will become an instantly adored part of any jewelry collection.

Pear shaped diamond hanging from a single stud earring set in yellow gold

Elizabeth Street Pear Shaped Diamond Single Stud Drop, $725

A diamond drop is a simple yet elegant way of expressing your devotion, especially when two stones are inextricably linked together, like the rose cut, pear-shaped diamond and smaller stud featured in this Elizabeth Street piece. Many earrings, like this one, are also sold individually, providing an affordable diamond gift option that lets you build into a set as a subsequent gift over the years.

Clustered cushion cut diamond tennis bracelet in rose gold with diamond encrusted bolo closure

Sara Weinstock Adira Cushion Cluster Rose Gold Bolo Bracelet, $7,690

Diamond tennis bracelets have long been revered as wedding or commitment anniversary gifts, but if you’re looking for a modern take that’s equally as sophisticated as it is trendy, this bolo closure bracelet is the one. With a nod to Western wear with cushion cut diamond clusters accentuated by rose gold, designer Sara Weinstock’s bracelet beckons to be stacked and layered, but can also be worn on its own.

Stacked diamond bands are a great way to continually build your recipient’s jewelry collection; look out for unique options that feature natural colored stones and/or a variety of diamond cuts—or better yet, in the case of this Xiao Wang showstopper, both. Toi et moi, or “you and me” rings feature two stones representing intertwined lovers and can make a big statement when it comes to an anniversary gift. Of course you can alternatively opt for something with a more antiquey feel that utilizes the old European cuts, which were popular before the 1900s, and cut and polished to maximize their sparkle in the presence of romantic candlelight.

Brilliant-cut diamond ring adorned with screw details within 18K gold

Cartier Love Ring, Small $4,500

You’ve likely seen the Cartier Love collection adorning the arms, wrists and fingers of women and men everywhere—and it’s all for good reason. Around since the 1970s, Cartier’s famous collection was created as “a symbol of free-spirited love.” Ever since, the instantly-recognizable binding closure and screw details have become a mark of ‘locking things up’ with a loved one. This delicate rose gold version featuring 72 brilliant-cut diamonds is as contemporary as it is classic.

Diamond Birthday Gifts

Another year… another diamond. There are infinite diamond gifts at every price point suited for birthday milestones. Good thing, because there’s no better time to surprise someone with that big piece they’ve had their eye on forever, go in on an exciting group gift or give a present that’s meaningful and special on a personal level.

A staple of any wearer’s jewelry wardrobe, diamond stud earrings are a no-fail birthday gift. Look for ageless round brilliant styles that draw light to the face, modern takes like this EF Collection trio stud available in yellow, white, and rose gold; or the unique ombre champagne stacked stud from Eva Fehren.

A playful diamond stud earring can add character to any ear party.  Sold as singles or pairs, studs offer lots of flexibility to gift givers in terms of budget and grandiosity.

These days, there is a bevy of diamond jewelry designed with eye-catching iconography. Fun, playful, and unexpected, diamond-adorned ice cream cones, lightning bolts and even batteries mid-charge offer ways to treat recipients in a hyper-personal fashion.  Of course more traditional symbolic diamond birthday gifts with spiritual or special meaning, include sparkling versions of  hamsas, infinity symbols, crescent moons and zodiac signs.

Diamond Gifts for Push Presents

As a push present to mark the birth of a child, diamond gifts are most definitely the way to go. These wonders have a way of instantly becoming a family emblem or heirloom because of  their representation of the special bond between parent and child, or that of a growing family.

With a little advanced planning, customized jewelry can contain the initials or name of a newborn or all of a family’s children, as well as birth dates or other noteworthy numbers. Jewelry featuring diamond charms, like Stephanie Gottlieb’s slider bangle, can be built upon over time, offering your recipient a chance to evolve the piece as both their family or individual story changes.

Stackable rings have also become a popular gift following the birth of a child; many women add on a new ring to represent each child and their unique personality. And while three-stone rings might seem like the de rigueur diamond engagement ring style choice as of late, they can alternatively represent the relationship between two parents and a newborn, especially when the three stones are of equal carat weight or stacked North-South. Meanwhile, a sun—the very symbol for life and strength—can be another thoughtful way of marking the birth of a child, especially when dangling on a gorgeous pendant.