These 7 Dynamic Designers’ Jewelry is as Personal as it is Attention-Grabbing

I think we can all agree: nothing adds lift to a look like diamond jewelry. The question is what diamond jewel do you choose now?

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I think we can all agree: nothing adds lift to a look like diamond jewelry. The question is what diamond jewel do you choose now?

Maybe you already have classic jewelry, like diamond stud earrings or a tennis bracelet, in your jewelry collection and you are looking for something new. Perhaps classics are not your thing. Instead you are in search of a diamond jewel that reflects your individuality.

Whichever of the two camps you fall into, the underlying fact remain the same: you want diamond jewelry that’s personal and at the same time attention-grabbing. My advice: don’t go for a jewelry trend, find a jewelry designer that reflects your tribe, to use today’s style parlance.

Similar to the fashion world, there are loads of jewelry designers that capture a category to perfection. The range includes everything from the joyful jewels of Alison Lou to Fernando Jorge‘s artistic minimalist jewelry, the good luck charm pendants of Foundrae and Jacquie Aiche‘s bohemian baubles. Each of these designers creates diamond jewelry in a range of prices. If you stick with one, an added bonus is that your jewels will automatically be coordinated.

Read on to find out why seven of today’s most dynamic designers love diamonds and see highlights from their jewelry collections.

Alison Lou – Joyful Jewels

Round cut diamonds set within a gold happy face diamond emoji ring from Alison Lou
Alison Lou diamond and gold All Happy Ring

Emoji’s were the inspiration for Alison Lou’s debut collection in 2012. Cheeky and thoughtful ideas have continued to define her wildly popular jewels over the years. One of Alison’s splashiest designs is a diamond emoji pendant. She made it after clients requested a blinged-out rendition of the iconic motif. Alison says she loves adding natural diamonds to her designs because, “They are like a sprinkling of fairy dust that lights up the enamel and gold on the jewelry.”

Fernando Jorge – Fine Art

Round cut diamond set within gold disco earrings from Fernando Jorge
Fernando Jorge diamond and gold Medium Disco Brilliant Earrings

Brazilian wunderkind Fernando Jorge has won just about every design award the jewelry world has to give for his stylish and artistic work. His most diamond intensive collection, Brilliant, has been worn by any number of Hollywood A-listers including Beyoncé, Emily Blunt, and Saoirse Ronan. Each of the Brilliant pieces features diamonds accenting curvaceous lines of gold like a string of lights.

“I love diamonds because they are at the same time so pure and romantic, and incredibly hard and virtually indestructible,” explains the thoughtful jewelry designer. “They appeal to me in a very practical way but also in an emotional way. From the molecular structure and the resulting physical properties—hardness and light refraction—to the idea that they will outlive and carry the memories of the people who wore them.”

Foundrae – Good Luck Charms

Everything in jewelry designer Beth Bugdaycay’s Foundrae collection is intended to act as a talisman and tell a story. Strength, Karma and Protection are a just a few of the “Chapters” in the Foundrae line. “For me the symbols identify cherished beliefs or reminders of what we may want to improve upon in our lives,” explains Beth. “I feel that sometimes people need symbols to start thinking about these things.” Almost all Foundrae’s jewels are decorated with diamonds. “I believe the combination of gold and diamonds is the jewelry equivalent of the little black dress in ready-to-wear,” explains Beth. “For Foundrae, they let the timeless aspect of the meaning and the symbols shine through.”

Jacquie Aiche – Boho Beauties

Round cut and baguette diamond crescent moon pendant necklace, diamond hoop earring & fringe necklace from Jacquie Aiche
Jacquie Aiche gold and diamond Crescent Moon Necklace (left); Jacquie Aiche gold and diamond Mini Shaker Hoop (center); Jacquie Aiche gold and diamond Graduated Baguette Shaker Necklace (right)

Laid back diamond jewelry is what Jacquie Aiche’s collection is all about. The Los Angeles based designer’s diamond body chains have been worn by countless celebrities including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Emily Ratajkowski. Jacquie also makes loads of popular diamond pieces that have diamonds dangling off like fringe and dreamy motifs such as a crescent moon pendant set with the sparkling gem. Jacquie says she likes designing with diamonds because, “When a woman is layered in this precious stone, you can sense a shift in her energy.” She goes on to add, “The healing properties within diamonds are incredibly transformative. For centuries, they have been known to provide their beholder with a radiant self-confidence that shines brighter than the stars.”

Jemma Wynne – Classics with a Twist

Diamond & gold cigar band ring, gold marquise diamond bangle, and round cut gold solitaire diamond necklace from Jemma Wynne
Jemma Wynne gold Prive Cigar Band with Diamond Shield (left); Jemma Wynne gold Prive Diamond Marquis Bangle (center); Jemma Wynne gold Prive Luxe Diamond Solitaire Necklace (right)

There is no jewelry designer or label that plays on classic silhouettes with as much mastery as the design duo behind Jemma Wynne. Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin know just how to add something a little extra to traditional silhouettes to make them new again. Their Slider Bracelets, a fresh rendition of a diamond tennis bracelet, have caused a sensation. They also have cigar bands, stud earrings, pendant necklaces and bangle bracelets with perfect new proportions and lots of diamond details.

“We’re always discovering new and different ways to use diamonds in our designs,” explains Jenny. “We love finding unique cuts and setting them in nontraditional ways,” she adds. “For example, we adore the way a diamond shield looks set into a cigar band or setting a pear-shape diamond on an angle next to an emerald cut diamond in a ring.”

Spinelli Kilcollin – Perfect Circles

Gold pave diamond hoop earrings, gold galaxy rings & round cut diamonds in a gold pendant necklace from Spinelli Kilcollin
Spinelli Kilcollin gold and diamond Theano SP Hoop Earrings (left); Spinelli Kilcollin gold and diamond René Stack Ring (center); Spinelli Kilcollin gold, silver and diamond Zodiac Pluto Pendant on a chain (right)

The first jewel designer Yves [pronounced in the Italian manner, Eve-ess] Spinelli created was stacking bands linked together with chic little jump rings connecting them. Almost from the moment Yves started wearing it, people asked if he could create one of the Galaxy rings for them. Flash forward a few years after Spinelli Kilcollin was established in 2009 and it became an international jewelry brand with any number of variations of the ring, each named after a constellation, many studded with diamonds. Today, there are also amazing diamond and gold hoop earrings and Zodiac ball pendants in the jewelry collection with diamonds set in the shape of astrological constellations. “Diamonds have always fascinated me,” says Yves. “They come from hundreds of miles inside the earth, and may even be billions of years old. I sometimes like to stare at the brilliant light refractions in a diamond and ponder this small time capsule.”

Single Stone – Antique Chic

Round cut and pave diamond earrings, cobblestone diamond ring & diamond pendant necklace from Single Stone
Single Stone diamond, gold and silver Charley Drops (left); Single Stone diamond and gold Cobblestone ring (center); Single Stone diamond, gold and silver Janelle pendant necklace (right)

Single Stone was launched from a place of love by Ari and Corina Madilian who are a couple in life and work. Originally the company solely focused on diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Today, Single Stone has all kinds of vintage inspired jewelry. The new jewelry pieces are made to look old with oxidized yellow gold and vintage diamonds recycled from antique jewels. “We love vintage diamonds in particular because of their imperfect beauty,” explains Ari Madilian. “We love knowing that each and every stone is a one-of-a-kind and was cut by hand over one hundred years ago.” While old stones may not be graded on the same scale as contemporary gems Corina says that is actually what they like about the gems, “We celebrate all that a vintage diamond has to offer and choose to highlight its unique features rather than camouflage them.”