New De Beers “I do” Redefines Modern Commitment

It’s time to honor our devotions beyond coupledom.

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What does “I do” mean to you? 

If you need inspiration, just check out the newest De Beers initiative, which expands the definition of the powerful phrase for modern times.

Through a series of striking, dramatic images of individuals, couples and groups shot mainly outside, the London-based jeweler encourages the celebration of all kinds of commitments well beyond marriage. The De Beers campaign makes a strong case that, in our current age of love and acceptance, a person’s devotion to a relationship deserves to be honored—with diamonds—as much as their loyalty to society, nature and more.

Celine Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers and De Beers Forevermark, comments:

“The launch of the campaign marks a turning point for De Beers, and paves the way for our ongoing commitment to being a purpose-driven company. Our two Jewellery Houses come from one powerful brand that is proud to stand for commitments by people all over the world, to what means most to them. We lead by example, committing to creating positive impact in the places where our diamonds are found, and for the people that connect with them along their journey.”

And who are we to argue? 

With a history that dates back to 1888, De Beers practically invented the idea of diamonds for engagements and weddings. As of late, through its innovative community-building and sustainability initiatives, the brand has exemplified a true evolution of the natural diamond industry. In other words, they clearly know what’s up when it comes to the past, present and future of the diamonds we wear.

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