Darius Jewels Is The Jewelry Brand To Watch In 2022

Darius looks to the past to design for the future.

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darius jewels

At first glance, the pieces from Darius Jewels look like something out of a museum. And in this case, that’s a good thing. Old-world charm, satin finishes and vintage diamond cuts define the designer’s style and make for some wildly covetable pieces.

“Our collection is made with the highest form of respect for the wisdom of the ancient world,” LA-based designer Darius Khonsary exclusively tells Only Natural Diamonds. “Our pieces evoke and pay homage to a jewelry heritage that extends back to pre-history.” A quick scroll through the brand’s Instagram shows exactly where this inspiration comes from; ancient Egyptian amulets, Greek vessels and Roman décor are peppered throughout the feed, alongside close-ups of the designer’s old mine cut diamond rings, diamond chain bracelets and yellow gold zodiac pendants.

darius jewels hunter schafer
Instagram/Darius Jewels

“These pieces, which speak to both ancient past and deep future, open up the possibility of collapsing the expanse of time,” Khonsary further explains. “It is an attempt at deciphering the messages that the ancients left us, activating these historical energies and bringing them into the present, allowing for the birth of new worlds: building a bridge to the archaeological past.”

Even her jewelry-making process looks to the past, as she uses traditional techniques and methods from Iran, carving the pieces from 18 karat gold which are then dipped in 24 karat gold for Darius’s signature satin finish.

darius jewels
Courtesy of Darius Jewels

The entire line isn’t meant to be gendered or labeled as unisex, rather Darius wants people to view her pieces as something that simply exists for everyone to enjoy. “I do want to see as many people like myself wearing the pieces,” Khonsary told WWD in an interview. “It’s great to have the jewelry on other trans women—it’s something that’s really important to me.”

Darius has worked closely with Hunter Shafer of Euphoria fame, and we couldn’t think of a better representative to show the world how jewelry can transcend traditional gender norms. “To see my work on other trans women is truly the highest of honors,” she told OND. “There is a sacred sisterhood that exists amongst trans women, a sisterhood both ancient and very much alive today.”

darius jewels gold and diamond rings
Courtesy of Darius Jewels
darius jewels
Courtesy of Darius Jewels

Above, “Hunter wears our Dendera Diamond Studs,” says Khonsary. “A one-of-a-kind pair of old mine cut diamond-encrusted earrings featuring the imagery of Cancer & Scorpio, retraced from one of the earliest known zodiacs depicted in relief on the ceiling of the Osiris Chapel in the Hathor Temple at Dendera, Egypt, circa 50 B.C.” Darius Jewels’ inspiration is as old as time.

“To wear jewelry is to facilitate in the creation of magic,” she muses. In seeing her pieces, we certainly see where that magic can come from.