Girly and Whimsical, These Natural Diamonds Achieve Coquette Core

Feeling flirty this fall? Here are 18 natural diamonds to complete your coquette aesthetic.

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(L-R) Jewels by Grace; Kirsten Dunsten in Fred Leighton. Image via Tumblr; Colette.

I remember first listening to Lana Del Rey when I was 11 years old. I had no idea what her lyrics meant until I was much older, but I loved her melancholy voice and her ethereal aesthetic. Unbeknownst to my 11-year-old self, this aesthetic–best known today as “coquette”–is something that has been around for years. Coquette is Gen-Z’s interpretation of the hyper-feminine, flirty style of the Victorian Regency era. Think Sofia Cappola’s Marie Antoinette, Bridgerton, and anything by fashion designer Sandy Liang. 

Looking to dip your toes into the coquette style? As a jewelry lover, I do believe that no outfit is complete without a little bit of sparkle from a natural diamond. If you are feeling particularly inspired or curious about the coquette aesthetic, we have the perfect natural diamonds to complete your look. 

Fred Leighton

Fred Leighton Antique Blue Enamel and Diamond Flower Heart Pendant, $2,800 via

This Fred Leighton heart and flower pendant is an antique from the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Fred Leighton loaned jewels for Sofia Cappola’s adaptation of Marie Antoinette, pictured above on Kristen Dunst. This special pendant is made of silver over gold, blue enamel, and rose-cut diamonds which accent the etched flower.

Gigi Clozeau

Gigi Clozeau Lucky Classic Gigi Blush diamond rosary in yellow gold, $1,025 via

Gigi Clozeau, known for colorful dainty beading, added a new color to the collection, “blush.” This lariat-style necklace is a layering staple and gives major Lana Del Rey vibes.

Buddha Mama

Buddha Mama Pavé Diamond Puffy Heart Pendant via

Now, I love a good puffy heart, but this pavé diamond puffy heart from Buddha Mama takes the cake. What I love about this is you can add it to a chain of your choosing–might I suggest a black leather cord or a velvet ribbon? 

Orly Marcel

Orly Marcel Heart Huggies, $2,700 via

Need just a little earring to complete your look? These gold and diamond heart earrings from Orly Marcel are the perfect coquette accessory. 


Boochier Light Pink Fruit Hoops Diamond Ring, $4,640 via

A pop of color, especially pink, is always preferred. Boochier light pink enamel and diamond ring make for an eye-catching piece along with easy stacking.


Colette Medium Bow Earrings, $1,995 via

Now, you can never go wrong with bows. Instead of some bows tied in your hair, how about some natural diamond bows from Colette for your escape? 

Marlo Laz

Marlo Laz Large Southwestern Heart Cord Necklace, $3,730 via

We love anything on a cord. This Marlo Laz gold and diamond pendant on a black cord gives that touch of Western and American beauty to complete the coquette style.

Lauren Addison 

Lauren Addison Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, $4,800 via

A unique earring meant to be seen, Lauren Addison’s rose-cut diamond earrings are perfect with any outfit. What I love most about these earrings is they hug your ear lobe with a pavé diamond setting and then drop gracefully into a series of rose-cut diamonds.

Harwell Godfrey 

Harwell Godfrey Mini Butterfly Ring, $7,950 via

This Harwell Godfrey butterfly ring is a natural conversation starter. This whimsical piece of jewelry is complete with natural diamonds and pearls and is sure to add some playfulness to your coquette style.

Jemma Wynne 

Jemma Wynne Anniversary Diamond Bow Ring, $5,460 via

Never enough bows! This diamond bow ring from Jemma Wynne is perfect for everyday styling, or when you just need to add a little bit of sparkle.

De Beers 

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Pendant In Rose Gold and Pink Enamel, $2,700 via

Continuing with color (pink, of course) and diamonds, the De Beers Enchanted Lotus Pendant is meant for everyday wear. You can also engrave the back of the pendant, which makes for a great self-purchase, or gift!

Brent Neale

Brent Neale Knot Ring with 6 Diamond Hearts, $9,980 via

Nothing says coquette like diamond hearts. If you were anything like me as a child, (I also listened to Marina and the Diamonds, who always had a heart stamped on her cheek) then you understand the love of hearts. This Brent Neale heart knot ring is a special and unique piece to add to your collection.

Bernard James

Bernard James Flora Pavé Diamond Helios Ring – 18K, $4,390 via

To add a touch of florals, Bernard James diamond Flora ring embodies a sunflower, made up of pavé diamond petals and a larger round diamond in the center.

Selim Mouzannar

Selim Mouzannar Heart Pendent with Diamonds, $11,120 via

For the rebel heart, Selim Mouzannar’s rose-cut diamond heart pendant is a coquette aesthetic statement piece. Set in pink gold, each pendant is one-of-a-kind, just like you!

Yvonne Leon 

Yvonne Leon Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Padlock Creole, $1,108 via

Yvonne Leon’s diamond heart lock pendant is the perfect balance between dainty and edgy. Whether you wear it as an earring or a pendant, add it to any chain of your choosing, whether it be a simple gold chain or an addition to a natural diamond tennis necklace!

Jewels by Grace 

Jewels by Grace 7.54CTW Edwardian Diamond Pendant Watch, $8,500 via

You can’t complete the coquette aesthetic without a little bit of vintage. After all, it comes from fashion and accessories trends in the Victorian era, which is followed by the Edwardian era (1901-1910). Jewels by Grace has a vintage Edwardian diamond watch pendant that can be worn as a necklace. This piece reminds me of another coquette aesthetic queen, Alice, (and of course the rabbit!) from Alice In Wonderland, which came out 40 years later in 1951. 

Jewels by Grace Vintage Diamond Bloomers Pendant/Charm, $1,595 via

Now, this vintage diamond bloomers pendant from Jewels by Grace is positively cheeky! Talk about a conversation piece, this charm is made of platinum and single-cut diamonds. 

Era Gem 

Era Gem Pavé Diamond Heart Padlock Earrings 14K in yellow gold, $2,250 via

Continuing with the diamond heart padlocks, these earrings from Era Gem are covered in natural diamonds. Style tip: stack them on the same ear for a cool asymmetrical look!