Exclusive: Coco Rocha’s L’Officiel Cyprus Cover is a Diamond Dream

The “Queen of Poses” Coco Rocha is styled by Philippe Uter and dons diamonds galore in the latest L’Officiel Cyprus photoshoot.

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The last time we checked, Coco Rocha’s Instagram count rung in around the 1.6-million mark. Maybe it’s her name—Coco Rocha—a smooth, honey-like moniker that holds in it a symmetry almost as perfect as her face. Maybe it’s her poses, a mix of quirky elegance that landed her the title “the queen of poses” by none other than Tyra Banks herself (entitled Study of Pose, Rocha’s book follows suit). Over 15 years in the industry, Rocha, mother of three, continues to hold her own—and our attention—in a relentlessly fast-paced digital world. Amassing one million-plus followers only shows her versatility and likeability, a feat in and of itself in 2021.

Today, we’re fully tuned in as Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist, Philippe Uter, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at his recent photoshoot of “Diamonds on the Cover” for L’Officiel Cyprus featuring Coco Rocha. Just as Rocha’s 1.6 Instagram loyalists, we can’t look away.

What is the most special diamond piece you selected for the cover?

Philippe Uter: I chose to overlap several diamond bracelets from Sydney Evans. Their diamonds shine a lot, which gives an expensive look without being too overwhelming. Those pieces can be worn day and night, and that’s what I love about them.

What makes diamonds on a magazine cover so special?

PU: Diamonds are [a] girl’s best friend, no? I do not know anyone who doesn’t love diamonds. So it becomes instantly attractive to the eye on the cover of a magazine.

Describe Coco’s L’Officiel look in 3 words.

PU: Hot Cuban nights.

Coco Rocha in Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings for L’Officiel
Coco Rocha in Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings
Coco Rocha in Sydney Evan Diamond Bracelets for L’Officiel
Sydney Evan Diamond Bracelets

What was your favorite part of the shoot and did the final result meet your expectations while you were shooting?

PU: The whole shoot was amazing. This team was incredible and having Coco + Ellen to shoot was a fantastic alchemy. I did love being surprised by seeing Coco in this flamboyant blonde wig.

Coco is known for her extreme poses and avant-garde look. How do you think this showed through in clothing, on the cover, and within the magazine spread?

PU: What is amazing with Coco is that she lives and feels the clothes. You don’t need to do very much. She will give life to a silhouette and it directly becomes magical.

Coco Rocha in Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings for L’Officiel
Coco Rocha in Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings

Fine jewelry often brings to mind a specific sentiment or milestone. Do you have a favorite diamond memory?

PU: Yes, I shot many, many, many years ago Monica Bellucci with an amazing Cartier necklace. With a big diamond centerpiece. The stone was so pure, I do not know how many carats nor how much it was but I was deeply touched by this beauty. 

Do you have a piece of good luck jewelry?

PU: Yes, actually, it is a Sydney Evan beaded bracelet with an evil eye blue sapphire and white diamonds. 

How would you style a statement piece of jewelry for everyday wear?

PU: I love a woman wearing a black turtleneck and amazing jewelry pieces. So chic. If her skin tone allows it, a beige turtleneck is also very elegant.

Sydney Evan Diamond Bracelet
Sydney Evan Diamond Bracelet

Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed while wearing diamonds? Why?

PU: It can be very tricky. In general, I [would] rather be overdressed but with diamonds, you do not need to make too much effort. The stones speak for themselves. 

What advice would you give someone who feels intimidated by jewelry or isn’t sure how to style multiple pieces?

PU: I always advise people to do what they feel and push a bit the limits. Just a bit out of the comfort zone. What is great with jewelry and diamonds is that you can never have enough!!

What’s on the horizon for you? What’s next?

PU: If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore 😉

Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings
Jacob & Co. Chandelier Diamond Earrings

Location: The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel
Magazine: L’Officiel Cyprus
Talent: Coco Rocha
Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
Stylist: Phillipe Uter
Production: Maria Grazhina Chaplin, Anna la Germaine, Fashion Politique
Editing: Danilo Venturi
PR: FP PR&Media
Videographer: Alexey Glebko
Strategic partnership: Elena Burini
Video editor: Chiao Chen
Prop Stylist: Chelsea Maruskin
Hairstylist: Kenna
Makeup artist: Devra Kinery
Manicurist: Kayo Higuchi
Postproduction: Ellen von Unwerth Studio
Photo assistants: Mike Sikora, Isaac Schell
Digital operator: Juan Pablo Herrera
Assistant to Producer: Alena Salodkaia
Videographer assistant: Maga Shvili
Stylist assistant: Thalia Saint-Lot
Prop stylist assistant: Zachary Maruskin